The Team

Meet our hard-working, words-loving and fun-inclined team. We look forward to enchanting you with each of our different styles, ready to boost your mood with either quirky one-liners or heart-felt poetry:

Eliza Drob

Content Writer
“A day without laughter is a day wasted” by Charlie Chaplin is our team’s social activist and ginger tea lover Eliza’s favorite quotation. Constantly motivated and dreamer of bigger things, she is an optimistic pseudo-romantic who loves traveling, is an avid fighter for people’s rights and fantasizes about experiencing a nomadic lifestyle. Her favorite authors include Charles Schulz, Malala Yousafzai and Ban Ki-moon, her affinity towards them relying on the overall positive and humorous writings of Schulz, the humanitarian approach of diplomat Ki-moon and, of course, Malala’s famous activism work. Her inclination towards peace and love distinctly defines her on a daily basis, her warm and outgoing personality reflecting into her cheerful, happy-go-lucky writings. Eliza is an extremely organized, task-oriented member of our team, always on point with deadlines and constantly focused. Specifically attracted to writing biographies, she considers getting to know people and human nature of utmost importance, synchronizing with her individual preferences. We are extremely lucky to have her on our TheQuotes team and we are looking forward to your joyful experience regarding our project.

Gabriela Petrila

Content Writer
A graduate of Language and Literature College, Gabriela is a professional when it comes to writing. Deeply passionate about fiction novels, she is an ultimate fan of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series. An avid coffee lover, she also delights in the world of gaming, both video and board games. As part of our team, she prefers approaching articles pragmatically, endorsing facts and achievements in people’s biographies rather than appealing to a more personal touch regarding a piece of writing. Also delving into the artistic side of things, she loves drawing in her spare time and considers traveling an opportunity to widen your horizons and discover new worlds. Her favorite quote is Terry Pratchett’s “Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom,” which is implicitly one of her favorite authors. Others include, quite obviously, J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, due to their extravagantly different yet fantastical styles of writing, emphasizing her eternal love of fiction. Gabriela builds a considerable amount of academic work for TheQuotes, which beautifully complements our team’s dynamic and helps maintain a wonderful balance.

Catalin Mihail

Content Writer
Epic fantasy, pen and paper RPGs, and a substantial amount of pop culture references, Catalin is the more cumbersome member of our team. On his way to becoming an official psychotherapist, after many years of studying psychology and specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, he constructs his writing structure with the aid of thorough research and concrete facts. Equally combining quantity with quality and tirelessly coated in layers of compelling humor and lightheartedness, his work on our team brings us a considerable spectrum of whimsical articles. His favorite authors construe of Friedrich Nietzsche, due to his acquired attraction towards nihilism, George Carlin, on a more truthful and comedic note, and last but not least, Stephen King, master of horror and psychological thrills. Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten by Neil Gaiman is his favorite citation, reinforcing his love for narrative fantasy. Also occasionally blowing off steam through cosplay, Catalin nevertheless helps maintain the intricate balance of TheQuotes by casually letting his personality seep through, creating entertaining and fun to read pieces.

Andreea Vladan

Content Writer
The sweet and shy part of our group is entitled to Andreea. A Journalism graduate, Andreea brings our team a healthy dose of free-writing, composing casual and people-friendly articles on a daily basis. Her fun-oriented style provides our project with more personal debates on every subject at hand while keeping the facts straight. She enjoys working on entertaining matters after thoroughly researching required information. Books and Science-Fiction movies are her favorite ways of spending free time, as well as delighting in and earnestly listen to good music. Being a timid individual, Andreea takes time to accommodate with others, but once she feels comfortable enough, she effortlessly expresses her fun and entertaining side. Cooking relaxes her, while her everlasting love for soccer games seen either on TV or Football pitches captivates her entire attention. Nat King Cole’s “Smile even though your heart is aching” is her favorite quote, bringing forth her optimistic view upon the world. Her favorite authors include Charlaine Harris, a famous writer of mysterious stories, Richelle Mead, yet another female bestselling author known for fantasy writings, and last but not least, Veronica Roth, a novelist famously known for The Divergent trilogy. Andreea’s presence in our team keeps an upbeat, pleasant balance in regards to our work and overall team chemistry, which makes both us and our audience lucky to have her.

Hilde Manescu

Content Writer

Art, music, movies, cynical jokes and writing are the things that have been gradually defining Hilde for over 10 years. A graduate of the National University of Art, she’s been drawing ever since she’s known herself. With a philosophical perception upon almost any subject, she is capable of encompassing multiple ideas in various art media, easily identifying with all its forms. She lives and breathes all that is art, music also being something she’s dabbled in, singing vocals and playing various instruments. An all-time avid film lover, she is most interested in creating characters, from written descriptions to bringing them to life via drawing. She prefers a philosophical touch regarding her work on our project. Although based on concrete facts and thorough research, she focuses on including subtle symbolism throughout her writing, regardless of the subject at hand. Her favorite authors consist of famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, and, of course, Leonardo da Vinci, which is also the author of her favorite quote “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Bringing a creative contribution, Hilde is on our team’s more artistic side, compellingly balancing the group’s chemistry.

Alexandru Pop

Content Writer

Alex is the hopeless romantic of our team, enchanting us with an endless positive view upon our human existence. His writing method is based on more subjective approaches regarding matters of either life and love, wisdom and humanity or emotions and enlightenment. At the young age of just 21, he managed to write his own book, giving our group ceaseless articles, almost effortlessly written. Despite his wisdom-inclined point of view, he still manages to playfully banter with his co-workers, leaking just enough smugness to keep everyone entertained. Constantly smiling, he draws lessons from his favorite authors, which include Eckhart Tolle, a fantastic writer of bestsellers that revolve around personal growth, the famous french philosopher and writer Albert Camus, and, on a more martially artistic note, Bruce Lee, with his famous “Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality” quote as Alex’s favorite saying. With his mysterious charm and constant half-smile, he maintains our team’s dynamic through light mischievousness and quality writings.

Ana Vicovan

Content Writer

An impressive theater actress, Ana believes that preferred entertainment defines the essential part of your personality, which is proven by her unplanned enchanting and entertaining character renditions while engaged in conversations with others. Passionate about and performer of ballet, her musical preferences construe of metal and classical, a supposedly odd yet beautifully harmonious acoustic combination. Choosing the cold over the heat, she spends hours taking walks, tirelessly exploring both new and familiar places. With an adopted dry sense of humor, Ana loves wearing black clothes and is on the introverted side of personalities. She enjoys face to face interaction, nonetheless, she finds that expressing ideas through writing makes for a multifarious kind of communication. Her work in our project construes of a balanced style of writing, thoroughly researching and relaying facts while coating them with poetic significance. Her favorite authors include the greatest novelist of the Victorian era, Charles Dickens, renowned physicist Albert Einstein, and, of course, the avant-garde novelist Samuel Beckett, which also relayed her favorite citation: Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. Her place on our team maintains the group’s chemistry, providing both our team and our audience with poetic justice.

Marina Balan

Project Manager

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” is an African proverb and is Marina’s favorite quote. Marina is a highly ambitious yet adventurous character, with a considerable dosage of perfectionism and a spectacular affinity towards karaoke. A freedom-driven personality, she enjoys poetry writing, word-play and has an outstanding memory involving music lyrics. With the help of her excellent leadership skills, Marina is constantly careful and caring towards her group members, competently managing the project at hand. Two of her favorite authors, Abraham Lincoln and Sigmund Freud, inspire and fortify Marina’s administration expertise, combining a leader’s wisdom with a psychologist’s knowledge. She maintains balance in her team by individually approaching its members regarding both personal and professional matters, restlessly ready to help whenever it’s required. However, her friendly approach regarding her colleagues doesn’t exclude an occasional tough love speech, motivating and uplifting each component of the gang. We are fortunate to have her as team leader, for without her, the squad wouldn’t have become what it is today.