Terms And Conditions

1. About The Quotes

The Quotes puts at users’ disposal, free of charge, a wide variety of famous quotes belonging to the most important figures in history, as well as great contemporary personalities – celebrities, politicians, authors etc. The quotes come in text and GIFs, videos, or postcards. The website also gives you the possibility of making your own quote, using the overlays provided by the website and later having the possibility of sharing the quote, in the express conditions that are stated in the present Terms and Conditions section.

Considering the fact that using The Quotes implies the unconditional acceptance of the present terms and conditions and the unconditional adherence of the user to the present conditions, we recommend you to have enough time for carefully reading the present Terms and Conditions. We also recommend you to access and periodically reread the updated version of the present Terms and Conditions of The Quotes.

These terms are applied to all users and visitors the moment they enter the website and are applied regardless of the device you are using for accessing The Quotes website (including desktop, laptop or the mobile web browser, digital television, mobile phones, automobiles’ personal computers, portable digital devices and any other mobile device or presently acknowledged technology or that will be developed in the future).

These terms and conditions, as well as any other terms, norms and interdependent dispositions regarding the present agreement or to which the present agreement refers to, including, but without being limited to our privacy policy, our DMCA policy, represent a contract to which you unconditionally adhere the moment you use the services offered by The Quotes. By ”use” we mean any effective or tentative to access, including, but without being limited to, any transmission, information exchange and any type of communications associated with services offered by the website.

2. Definitions

„The Quotes”: refers to the website http://TheQuotes.com, its owners, its administrators and any persons involved in the management and development of the website
„The content”: includes, without being limited to, any text, graphics, layouts, logos, audio material, films or any motion images, articles, details about the product and/or software, published or available in any way for the User on the website.
„Services”: all the functions of the website, services, and materials put at users’ disposal by the website, including and without being limited to quotes, lyrics, audio, audio-visual and video files provided
„Quotes/Materials”: the whole collection of quotes in any of the forms found on the website, texts, GIF, audio or video files, photos etc.

3. General conditions of using the website

The Quotes puts at your disposal and grants you the permission of using the services offered by the website, solely by strictly respecting the present conditions. Accessing and using The Quotes is done under the authority of the present rules and is conditioned by accepting and respecting them.
The rules of use are applied to everyone accessing or using the website.

Under certain limitations, you are granted the right to access text, audio, audio-visual and video files (known as „Content”) in the terms stipulated in the present agreement. Visitors have free and unrestricted access to the website and are authorized to use the website and the material provided by it, according to the stipulations of The Quotes Terms and Conditions and solely by respecting the legal dispositions regarding this, international conventions, solely for personal and non-commercial use, without breaking the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

In order to use the services provided by the website, you must have the legal capacity to adhere to The Quotes terms or to have parents’ or tutor’s consent in order to browse this website and do so under their surveillance and authority. In the countries in which the access to information and services such as the ones put at users’ disposals by The Quotes are regulated by the law, the functions of the website can be used only by respecting the legal dispositions applicable in your country.

By accessing and using The Quotes website, you are giving complete approval to respect without exceptions and limitations the Terms and Conditions of The Quotes. If you do not partially or fully accept the stipulations of The Quotes Terms and Conditions, please leave this website and do not use The Quotes products.

The Quotes content is „given per se” only for personal use and cannot be used, copied, distributed, transmitted, published, posted, sold, licensed or exploited in any other way that those stated in the present conditions or for any other purposes, without a preliminary written agreement of The Quotes.

You have the right to share the materials found on the website using the functions that provide this, by copying the link or by any other method, but solely respecting the present Terms and Conditions, without breaking in any way our copyrights, without altering, remove or modify the „The Quotes” symbol and solely by keeping the original link.

Your access to The Quotes website can be immediately restricted or suspended, without any previous notification, without us being forced in any way to motivate the decision, should any of the stipulations of the present Terms and Conditions be violated. Since this is a free service, the owner, and administrator of The Quotes website can decide, without any formality or preliminary procedure, without any notification, unilaterally, unmotivated, unconditionally and according to his own will the suspension or the interruption of The Quotes services. He can also unilaterally, unmotivated and according to his own will deny the access to any user to The Quotes page.

By choosing to create a user account, you agree to provide us with real, exact, updated and complete information about you, as they are asked during the registration process. You also agree that once providing such data, you will not forget to include certain information and you will not provide false information. You are also obliged to communicate in written any modifications or updates regarding the provided information. Moreover, by creating a user account, you express your consent and authorize us to verify the accuracy of the respective information.

It is forbidden the disturbance of the use and exploitation of the website by third parties, the transmission of computer viruses or other elements that harm the well-functioning of the website.
The launch or use of any computer system is forbidden, including but not being limited to, „robots”, „spiders” and „offline readers” or any system that accesses the website in a manner that might transmit in a certain period of time more solicitation messages than a human could reasonably do, by using a conventional web browser, in the same period of time.
Collecting information or personal identification data from The Quotes website is forbidden, the use of communication systems that are offered on the website (when that is the case) for commercial purposes being forbidden as well.
By using the website, you are obliged not to elude, deactivate or in any way interfere with the website’s security systems or with the systems that prevent or restrict the usage or copying of any element of content from the website or that imposes limitations in using the website.

Any violations of the security system can make you responsible in front of the law. We have the right to investigate the events that involve such violations and notify, should that be the case, the ablated forces, by proving them with any information necessary for applying the law.

4.Creating a user account

In order to fully use the services offered by The Quotes, you need to registration or create an account. Users will need to fill in a form put at their disposal on the website, providing at least the following data and information:
– full name and surname
– birthday
– home country
– valid email address
– username
– password

The website also has the Avatar function, offering you the possibility of uploading a profile picture on your user account. The information regarding you account can be modified anytime in the section SETTINGS. If you partially or completely forget your authentication details, you can ask for a new password by accessing the section ”Forgot your password?”. Should you need any assistance, please contact us.

You also have the possibility of authenticating through your Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts, accessing the options ”Login with Facebook”, “Login with Google” or ,, Login with Twitter”.

In order to protect your account, keep your password confidential. If at any moment, you have the feeling that you weren’t careful enough in protecting your authentication data and think that a third party might access your account, please proceed with modifying your password. You have the full responsibility for the security of the device/devices that you own and all the activities on your account.

With the option “CREATE QUOTE” you have the right to share the resulted materials, without removing or modifying The Quotes symbol and only by keeping the original link.

It is forbidden to upload any material whose content contradicts international or European treaties and conventions, European directives or national legislation applicable in the contributor’s home country. It is also forbidden to upload materials violating the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, including copyright, the right to private life and any other fundamental human rights. Under no circumstances is allowed to upload on the website materials with xenophobic or racist character, obscene messages, content that is threatening, fake, deceiving, abusive, harassing, discriminating, licentious, calumniating, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, instigating to hatred, discrimination or racism, profanatory any material that might be considered a crime or that encourages a behaviour that might favour committing crimes, or that might lead to civil responsibility or break the law in any other way.

The Quotes fully declines responsibility for such a behavior and the user carries the full responsibility the content of transmissions or any other materials added/uploaded on the website.

The Quotes reserves the right to eliminate such a material the moment it becomes aware of its existence. The Quotes also has the right to block the respective user’s access to the website, definitively and without any preliminary notification.

5. General conditions of using the interactive services

Posting comments that are of threatening, false, deceiving, abusive, harassing, discriminating, licentious, libeller, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, instigating to hatred, discrimination or racism, profane and any other material that might be a crime or that encourages a behaviour that could favor committing crimes or that might lead to being held accountable or that might in any way break the law, is forbidden.

It is forbidden the posting of materials that violate the privacy, private life or any other fundamental rights of persons.

Spamming, invasion of messages, commercials, chain letters, pyramidal schemes and any other solicitations of this kind are strictly forbidden.

It is forbidden the usage of the website for publicity purposes or for any kind of demand/offer with a commercial character without the previous agreement of MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A.

Xenophobic or racist messages, as well as obscene messages, are forbidden.

Any links to websites with pornographic content are strictly forbidden.

The messages are not monitored in every minute, therefore, the website does not hold responsibility for their content. The full responsibility for the added comments or messages is carried by the person who left the respective comment or message.

The messages published in the comments are viewed by users. Therefore, they do not express in any way the points of view of The Quotes website.

The administrator reserves the right to delete the controversial content of any comment or message, in a reasonable time, and should it be considered necessary, the respective user will be denied further access. Such measures require manual procedures, so deleting and modifying messages will not be possible in an instant manner.

The user must take into consideration the fact that every time he posts a message, his IP address is recorded in case the website access will be denied (or the Internet Service Provider will be contacted). This measure will be taken only if serious violations of the present terms and conditions will be determined.

The administrators of the website reserve the right to delete any message and to forbid the access to the comment modules of the website of any user that does not abide by those conditions.

The user is the sole responsible of the message content and bears possible damage, in the case of legal actions against what was published, except for messages that are directly transmitted to the moderator or administrator. In no way will the responsibility of this website or any other website connected to this one will be involved.

6. Limiting responsibility

By accessing The Quotes, you tacitly assume the fact that using the website is done on your own responsibility, with you being the sole responsible person for respecting the laws, the rights of third parties and the conditions under which the current product is put at your disposal.

The Quotes will not be responsible for users’ behavior nor the damages caused by them to third parties, with The Quotes putting at users’ disposal only a technical product accompanied by use conditions that, if respected, make sure that the law, rights and legal interests of persons are respected.

The Quotes, its owner/administrator, all the judicial persons and affiliated entities, partner societies or societies belonging to the same group, contract partners, employees and other agents that are involved in making any of the services that are offered on the website, including creating and publishing the material, are not responsible for direct or indirect damage, of any nature, that would result from accessing the website or associated with using this website and its content, not even in the situation in which it was previously notified by the possibility of the coming into existence of such losses. Their responsibility cannot be drawn for dishonest use, contrary to the law or not respecting the imposed condition by The Quotes users.

You are the sole responsible for keeping the confidentiality of your registration data and all the prejudice and damages or losses suffered on the contrary. You are also obliged not to allow any other person to access the website and benefit from the services offered by it, by using your registration data (ID). The Quotes is not responsible for any prejudice caused by/in relation to the theft or revealing your registration data, or you authorizing another person to use and access the service by using your ID. Moreover, you are only and solely responsible for any activity that takes place in your account, including any costs. You agree to notify us immediately regarding any unauthorized use of the account or any other security violation you are aware of, the moment in which The Quotes will take all necessary measures to fix the situation. Please be aware of the fact that complete data and messages security cannot be guaranteed.

The Quotes does not assume any risk for damages caused to users by accessing the website, including for potential computer viruses or any other harmful elements that cause computer malfunctioning or to other electronic devices, the network used to access the website or any other data losses. Accessing and using The Quotes is done by the sole responsibility of the user.

The Quotes does not respond for modifying, suspending or interrupting the services that are available through the website.

For the website sections that can contain readers’ opinions, the responsibility for the content of those opinions belongs fully to their authors. The Quotes has the right not to publish those opinions contradicting the terms and conditions of use or that in any way damage the image of TheQuotes, of partners or third parties. We expect you to use the only language that is adequate for general conversation, without offensive, racist, obscene remarks or any other explicit language.

The Quotes does not respond for modifying, suspending or interrupting the services that are available through the website.

You agree to defend us, pay us damage and personally assume the responsibility regarding any losses, expenses, prejudice or damages (including, in reasonable quantum, lawyers’ honorary and other expenses a litigation includes), appeared as a result or that have in any way a connection with any pretense or action based on you breaking the present agreement, your usage of services and/or another person’s usage of services with your ID. We have the right, at our discretion, to engage in any procedure or negotiation for solving such a litigation. No sum, titled damage-interests or compensations, cannot be paid without our preliminary written agreement if such an action would negatively affect our image our activity. We reserve the right, at our own expense and after your preliminary notification, to assume the defense and exclusive control of any such action.

7. Links to other pages

The Quotes website contains a link to third party websites or other services that are not owned or controlled by The Quotes administrators. Using and accessing this links is the choice of the users and when these links are accessed, the users submit to the policy of the respective website. We recommend you to read the usage terms and the confidentiality declarations of all third party websites before using them or sending personal data or any other information on or through these websites.

The Quotes does not control and is not responsible for the availability of these pages, their content, their possible copyright violations, the exactitude and truthfulness that these pages provide, the security they have, whether they contain computer viruses or other harmful elements that endanger you or that cause damage to the computer or to other electronic devices, the network from which you access the website or any other data loss. Likewise, The Quotes is not held accountable for the type of products or other materials that those websites provide, for the commercial activity that the respective page practices nor for any prejudice or losses that the users might experience by accessing the respective link or regarding the information, content, assets or services put at their disposal by the respective websites.

8. Modifications of these terms

¥ The Quotes has the right to modify or replace at any moment the content of the terms and conditions of usage, with or without a preliminary notification of the user. The new conditions become applicable at the moment they were published on the website and do not have retroactive effects.
¥ Any modification, no matter how significant, as well as the replacement of the terms and conditions, is fully at the discretion of The Quotes.
¥ Please check and reread these terms regularly, having in mind the fact that any modifications will be applied right after posting on the website. Using the website after these modifications were posted will be considered a tacit acceptance of the modifications.

9. Complaints/Support

For any questions, doubts, complaints, suggestions regarding the website or the service offered by The Quotes, please contact us at the email address [email protected] .

Latest update: 05.04.2017