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The Quotes, through the present privacy policy, informs you about the data that we collect from you when you visit our website, the way we can use such information, your options regarding the way we can use the information and the warranty of measures we take to protect this information.

The practices we sue for collecting and sharing the information are fully presented and described in the present document and are entirely compliant to the dispositions of the current Privacy Policy. If you do not want to adhere to the clauses of the present Privacy Policy, please leave The Quotes page, since continuing to use the services offered by The Quotes represents your total and unconditional agreement of fully and without exception respecting all the rules within the Privacy Policy. The present conditions are applied to all people accessing or using the website.

If you do not partially or fully accept the stipulations of The Quotes Privacy Policy or if you accidentally accessed the website, without intending to accept The Quotes Privacy Policy or if you do not have the capacity to fully understand or accept the clauses of The Quotes Privacy Policy, please leave this website immediately and do not use The Quotes products.

Data protection and confidentiality

We try to keep the data you give us in safe conditions. Logistically speaking, we take all physical, electronic and administrative measures that can be reasonably taken, in order to maintain the security of the collected information. We try as much as possible to limit the number of people that can access the database, as well as the use of electronic safety systems and password in order to ensure protection against unauthorized access. We have implemented security policies and adequate technical measures so as to keep the security regarding all personal data that is in our possession, prevent any unauthorized access or modification, destruction, loss, as well as against any illegal form of processing. Nevertheless, the safety of transmitting data on the Internet cannot be 100% guaranteed. Even if we use all necessary means to ensure the safety of the information you transmit through the website, The Quotes cannot guarantee that the information will not be intercepted by third parties. We will make sure, though, that any unauthorized and fraudulent transactions and activities will be looked upon and sanctioned according to the law.

Any data with personal character will be stored and used by the website by respecting the legal dispositions regarding the protection of persons in regards with handling data with personal character and the free circulation of such data.

Any other kind of communications or materials you want to transmit on this website, such as questions, comments, suggestions or any other messages of this kind will be considered as non-confidential and will not be subjected to any protection. The Quotes does not assume any responsibility for the situations in which the user publishes any personal data, from his own initiative, in a public message on The

Storing and handling information

Our website can be normally used without introducing personal data. When personal data (for example, name, home address, email address) is collected, stored and used by our pages, this is always done by respecting the legal dispositions for person protection regarding handling personal data and their free circulation.

Certain services require registration, while others are accessible without needing a user account, therefore, some information is automatically collected from this website through our technology, and other information is collected only when you choose to provide it (for example, when configuring a user account, when entering a competition, for technical support or for a specific online transaction).

Any available information, such as IP address, the type of browser used, the operating system, can be registered during access time. This information is only used to help improve our services, with the purpose of facilitating your online operations and ensure an efficient online experience. Monitoring browser sessions takes place only to see which parts of the website might need adjustments and improvements and, on the other hand, to see the setting that work impeccably. This type of information usually keeps you under anonymity and is not included in the personal data category, with it solely helping us to better understand the users’ preferences and desires. The Quotes will be able to use or share this information to generate group statistics about our user community on for other purposes, according to the current laws.

In order to fully use the services offered by The Quotes, registration, or the creation of an account is required. Users will need to fill in a form from the websites, offering at least the following data and information:

  1. full name and surname
  2. country of residence
  3. a valid email address
  4. username
  5. password


The Quotes will store the data you transmit to us when registering to use our online services, our custom support service or the technical support service. This information is stored in our database. Any data with personal character will be stored and used by the website by respecting the legal dispositions regarding the protection of persons in regards to handling data with personal character and the free circulation of such data.

The Quotes will be able to transmit the collected data to partner websites, websites belonging to the same group or specifically agreed partners, partners that help us provide you with the products and services that we offer or that create, operate or maintain our website from the outside. These external companies agree to maintain the confidentiality of all the information shared with them and use the information solely for fulfilling their obligations.

The Quotes will also be able to use your data to contact you, will be able to store and handle personal data to send you information about new offers, promotions, advertising and direct marketing messages. Should you not be contacted anymore or you want to modify any information provided by us, you can directly ask for this at the email address [email protected]

Personal data could be given to authorities at their request for their required verifications, should it be asked for according to the current laws.


A cookie is the information sent by a website and saved on your computer’s hard disk. The Quotes might transmit you both temporary and permanent cookies. This website uses its own cookies, as well as third-party ones in order to better understand your needs and improve products and services, besides providing visitors with a much better navigating experience and services that are adapted to everyone’s interests. Cookies help us remember when you revisit our website. They can contain information such as logging data, for instance, your email address or username. Your personal data can also be used to personalize as much as possible the services of The Quotes, as well as for marketing purposes.

Cookies play an important part in facilitating the access and delivering multiple services that the user enjoys on the Internet, such as:

-cookies offer website owners with valuable feedback on the way their websites are used, so that they can make the websites more efficient and accessible to users

-they allow multimedia applications or other website applications to be included in a certain website in order to create a more valuable, useful and pleasant navigating experience

-they allow multimedia applications or other website applications to be included in a certain website in order to create a more valuable, useful and pleasant navigating experience

-they boost the efficiency of online advertising.

The thir-party cookies on this website can come from the following entities:,, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, as well as from the beneficiaries of advertising services provided by our society at a certain point through the website. The Quotes has no access to these cookies and cannot control them either.


Communicating by e-mail

You will be contacted by us through email in order to receive offers, promotions or when communicating possible prizes that you won or with any other occasion that we must contact you. If you do not want to receive emails from us, please communicate this at the email address [email protected]  or you can choose the „unsubscribe” option, available on our website. Please give us 10 working days from the moment we receive your request to finish the unsubscription process, since some of our promotions might have already been running at the time of your request.

Spoofing and phishing

A common scam on the Internet is know as spoofing or phishing. This happens when you receive an email from an apparently legitimate source that asks you for personal information. Please be aware of the fact that we will never send you emails asking you to confirm personal data. If you ever receive an email that apparently comes from us, asking for that information, do not reply and do not click any email that might appear in the email.


Changes in the privacy policy

The Quotes reserves the right to modify or replace at any time the content of the privacy policy, with or without a preliminary notice of the user. The new conditions become applicable the moment they were introduced on the website and do not have retroactive effects.

Any modification, no matter how substantial, as well as the replacement of the privacy policy are fully at the discretion of The Quotes.

Please verify and reread these stipulations regularly, considering that any modifications will be immediately applicable once posted on the website. Using the website after their posting will be considered as a tacit acceptance of the modifications.




For any kinds of questions, doubts, complaints and suggestions regarding the website or services offered by The Quotes, please contact us at the email address: [email protected] .


Latest update 05.04.2017