Authors from USA

America, home to one of the most ethnically diverse demographics in the world. Known for their music, movies, technology, pop culture, the internet and many famous people. Their brand is one of the most recognizable in the world.

We know more about its history and culture than any other country. We’ve all heard about the Declaration of Independence, the Boston Tea Party, the Wild West, the American Civil War, Hollywood, Broadway, the Big Apple, Google.

It all began with the imperial colonies in the New World. The English colonies were by far the most ambitious. They broke away from the British Empire, proclaimed their independence and established their own form of government: republicanism. They eventually expanded their territory to nearly half of North America, by purchasing land or taking it forcefully.

The United States is a powerful force to reckon with. It has developed rapidly in a relatively short period of time. Developing many technological advancements, like the telephone, the automobile, nuclear power and the internet, to name a few.  

Their ideology is based on the sovereignty of the people, the rights to freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness. This led people to believe in the “American Dream”, coming to seek their fortune in the land of opportunity.