We Never Know What A Smile Can Bring

“Say Cheese!” – We usually use this saying whenever we take a photo and that is to bring a smile on our faces. Actually, we use it more than that, every day, but we don’t know it because we use other alternatives like keep smiling, put a smile on your face or be happy. As we grow and we make the transition to the adult life, we tend to forget to do it more often and more honest.

Let me give you an example: near the place I live there is a children’s little playground. There I see the same scene over and over – the kids running around, playing, smiling, giggling, enjoying their play time while the parents are sitting on the side, with their serious faces on, I can actually read the stress on it, and occasionally when their kids look at them to show them what they’re doing, they share a grin or two briefly. I know life is hard, but maybe we need to learn something from this: and that is to enjoy more these little moments, taking a short break from the mundane agony. We’ll be happier and healthier, it’s been demonstrated. I really like to say and think this – When I smile, the whole world smiles with me!


Love at first… Smile!

As they say, a simple smile is the shortest distance between two people. I actually think so too, it’s the easiest way of communication. It means I like that person I’m smiling at, it means that I want to make a connection with that person or I’m trying to get that person’s attention. Maybe it’s someone that we have a crush on and we don’t know how to approach that person, out of fear. That is my way of addressing first to someone I really like. And if that specific person smiles back at me… Hooray!

William Arthur Ward has a quote that says “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness”. Yes, because someone who smiles first or right back at you is definitely a kind and friendly person. No, I don’t think people with no smile on their faces are mean or something, just on the same page with me. Which makes me think about another quote, this time by the great Bob Marley, who said: “She may not be the most popular or the prettiest, but if you love her and she makes you smile…what else matters?”. It’s the type of quote about how you make my heart smile. That’s how some great love stories or awesome friendship actually start, with just a simple smirk and it’s called love at first sight…or smile, why not?!

“I fell in love with your smile” – this makes a cute anniversary message or some nice wedding material for a great speech. Just saying!

Scientifically speaking, a smile is just flexing our muscles at the sides of the mouth, but it means so much more!

Make Her Smile, it’s so easy!

It’s easy to make a woman smile – a mother hearing I Love You from her daughter or son, a grandmother seeing her grandchildren eating her delicious food (because no one cooks better than our grandmas!), a wife finding a sticky note on a fridge with a cute message from her husband. A simple compliment brings out that cute grin. When a girl feels beautiful, appreciated and love, she will smile with all of her heart, no matter where the compliments or affection comes from.

For me, if I’m having a bad day and someone with a happy mood is around me, it actually helps me boost my mood too. Smiling is contagious! 🙂

The amazing Marilyn Monroe once said, “Keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” And she’s right. Life is beautiful and if we look around us, we have so many reasons to smile – starting with our families and homes and loved ones, continuing with work and friends, and ending with nature. We need to focus on it more and often!


What about his smile?

It’s been said that women smile a lot more than men do. That is because they’re happier and probably because, socially, it is adequate for women to smile than it is for them. And let’s face it! When we see a man with a big smirk on his face, we tend to think that he’s either thinking something immoral or wicked or that he’s about to make a bad move, or that something is really wrong with him. At least that’s what society says… And I strongly disagree. I think guys really smile when they feel really happy and they can’t help it but show a full front teeth grin. Women prefer more a man with a neutral face than one with a smiley face, it’s been studied and proved. However, a funny man is at the top of the list, when asked about the perfect match. So, there is a chance that a guy will smile back at a woman, but a guy smiling back at another guy…not so much!

And it’s available not only for the guys but for the girls too, that it’s not okay to smile while having an important conversation on a heavy subject because then the statement becomes weaker or unimportant.

And smiling too much is not a good thing either –  it translates as dishonesty. In Asia, people mostly smile when they feel embarrassed or in pain, in Japan, they focus more on the eyes and Americans more on the mouth. While in the former Soviet Union, many people think that smiling in public is suspicious behavior. This makes me think of a George Carlin quote that says ‘‘If a man smiles all the time, he’s probably selling something that doesn’t work”. Or he’s lying, maybe? Or his culture says so?! On that note, guys, don’t smile too much, I guess!?


Real vs Fake.

There is a fake grin out there and it’s called the Pan Am Smile or the Botox Smile. The Pan Am Smile refers to that kind of a forced polite smirk that flight attendants greet you with. It’s a fake trained smile that’s meant to be there and everybody knows about this. But despite the fact that it’s artificial and you recognize that, when you see that big ole’ smile welcoming you to an airplane, it kind of makes you feel good, even if it’s for a short period of time.

Scientists have found that smiling reduces stress and improves your mood. Whenever we feel sad or bad, we should try and smile. A fake smile can actually help and release endorphins (natural “feel-good” chemicals from our bodies). Not the Pan Am smile, but a facial happy expression. Adding some happy thoughts or happy memories can ease the process. Fake it until you make it and practice in the mirror.

Besides a fake and a real one, there are two other types of smiles: The Duchenne and the Non-Duchenne. A Duchenne smile uses all our face muscles, the ones around our mouth and the ones around the eyes and cheeks. A Non-Duchenne smile uses only the muscles around our mouth. Smiling without our eyes can be perceived as a fake one.


Inspirational corner!

“Smile though your heart is aching”, says a quote from Nat King Cole. Yes, I agree with that. Positivity always over negativity! Whenever I’m feeling sad or depressed, I’m trying to not let that pain or sadness consume me. I’ll put on some good music, watch a good TV show or movie, or read something funny that can actually make me smile and laugh if I want to stay alone. Or if I don’t want to stay alone I’m surrounding myself with family, friends and loved ones. Smiling when we’re not okay it’s like coming out of our comfort zone, it will make us feel so much better. So keep smiling because eventually, everything will be ok!

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