Tuesday the 13th – Bad Luck and Silly Superstitions. Are they true? Knock on Wood!

Be careful! Today our calendar mark the 13th of June and it’s on a Tuesday. What’s wrong with today?

By the same token, besides from the Freaky 13th of Friday, which is the unluckiest day in a year, in some cultures, if it’s on a Tuesday, it’s a bad bad bad day.



So, try and avoid walking under ladders, or crossing paths with a black cat and don’t break any mirrors. Because you never know if the rumors are true!

From time to time, in countries like Spain, Mexico, Greece, South America, Romania and many others, Tuesday the 13th is the equivalent to Friday the 13th.

On this day, all usual superstitions of bad luck are taken into consideration.



History Says…


Now, the exact origins of this fear towards any 13th day are unclear, but through the years, several theories and conspiracy came to life.

In addition to that, developing patterns made this day of the week so unpopular and the same worked for the number 13.

In the beginning of time, Tuesdays were dominated by the influence of planet Mars, who was the God of War. Etymologically speaking, in Latin languages, “Martes” comes from his name.



BUT! Several events went wrong on a day like this and superstitions began to appear. The Fall of Constantinople happened on Tuesday, April 13, 1204,  And also, the fall to the Ottomans occurred on Tuesday, May 29, 1453.


Not to forget, but this also parallels with Jesus Christ’s last dinner where Judas was the 13th guest on the list and he’s the one responsible for betraying Christ, leading to his crucifixion. And the 13th chapter of the Revelation is all about the Antichrist, the creations of the Devils.


Fun fact (or not so fun!) – in the tarot cards, the death card has the number 13 on it.

Coincidence or what?


Following that, the Western cultures began to firmly believe that the number is an unlucky one.



It actually got to the point where hotels and hospitals won’t label or show the number on room doors and floor numbers. Many cities do not have a 13th Street, airports will not have a gate with this number. Wow!


For some people, this fear goes beyond superstition and it becomes a real phobia. The fear of Tuesday the 13th is called “Trezidavomartifobia”. It represents an uncontrollable fear that causes anxiety and terror, one being afraid of getting out of the house and getting in contact with others. So they spend the day at home.


A group of people started an organization named “The Thirteen Club” in 1881 as an attempt to improve its reputation. They walked under ladders and they spilled salt on their very first meeting.

Despite their efforts, the number continues to have an unlucky association still.



Famous Silly Superstitions from around the world.


Now, I don’t know how many of you actually believe in superstitions, I tend to stay away and try not to believe in them. Some of them are really silly, while the others sometimes make sense.

Surprisingly, our superstitions originated from the same part of our human habit that makes us believe in all sorts of monsters and ghosts.

So, in honor of that and this spooky day, here are some of the most famous superstitions from all around the world.



1 – Be really careful around mirrors.

–> The myth – don’t break a mirror, or you will face seven years of misfortune.

The folklore says that this myth comes from the belief that mirrors don’t reflect your image only, but it holds bits from your soul every time you look into it. Hence, that tradition to cover mirror when someone dies, so that their souls won’t get trapped inside.


   Mirror, mirror, on the wall…


2 – Do not walk under a ladder!

–> The myth – if you walk under a ladder, it will bring you bad luck all day long!

Well, this superstition holds the theory that arises from Christian belief in the Holy Trinity. A double ladder or a ladder leaning against the wall forms a triangle. People believe that a triangle is a blasphemous form. Crazy! But, to be honest, who walks under a ladder, putting in danger the carpenter and himself? Talk about stumbling!


3 – Pick it up if you find a penny!

–> The myth – So, if you’re walking down and you find a penny, don’t just let it there, pick it up. That way you’ll have good luck.

Well, this one comes from the main idea that if you find the money it means you’re lucky. It’s not about bad stuff, this time. Therefore, don’t go away when you see coins!

 Two little pieces of… luck!



4 – Rabbit’s foot brings you luck.

–> The myth – this one is actually about the power of a talisman.

In time, talismans and amulets became a way to stay away from problems and to resist the evil things. So, this myth comes from African American folklore symbolizing hoodoo, a form of magic. Just like crosses and garlic can keep away vampires, rabbit feet, they say, bring luck.


5 – Beware of the 666!

–> The myth – three sixes in a row represents the number of the beast, it’s a sign of the end of the time and it summons The Satan.

Under those circumstances, this superstition gives chills on the back to many people. It appears in the Bibble, in the Book of Revelation exactly as the number of Satan and the Apocalypse.

Three sixes in a row give some people the chills. It’s a superstition that harks back to the Bible. In the Book of Revelation, 666 is given as the number of the “beast,” and is often interpreted as the mark of Satan and a sign of the end times.



6 – Just Knock on wood!

–> The myth – apparently, if you actually know on wood or on something made out of wood, the bad luck won’t get near you.

Obviously, this one is more like a verbal talisman, that will help you stay out of trouble. Eventually, if life is trying to get you down, knock on wood three times and everything will stay in place, the universe will provide with good things only. They say! This myth comes from old stories about good spirits living in trees, crosses and anything else made of wood.


 Knock, Knock, Knock…On wood!


7 – Keep your fingers crossed, will you?

–> The myth – if you wish for good luck, you often cross one finger over the other one and it’s ok.

This kind of a gesture dates back to the early days of Christianism when people would crossed index fingers while making a wish. It’s a symbol of support for friends. Nowadays, the symbol is just a message, people don’t cross fingers anymore. A simple “fingers crossed” saying is enough.

On the other side, when lying, some people will also cross their fingers. That way they won’t mess up with the karma.




8 – Opened umbrellas aren’t allowed inside!

–> The Myth – opening an umbrella inside the house is supposed to bring only bad luck.

In this case, the original story about this goes like this – back in the ancient Roman Empire, a woman opened her umbrella inside, just moments before her house collapsed. Hence, the bad luck.

By all means, this type of superstition sounds like something made up in order to keep people from doing dangerous things inside – like poking someone’s eye out. Right?!



9 – Horseshoes – lucky charms!

–> The myth – probably the most famous, popular and luckiest lucky charms in the world.

Accordingly, the ancient Greeks came up with the idea that horseshoe would protect the feet of their animals, but they will make them holy ones. In fact, the design itself was considered to be sacred – the U shape reminded of a crescent moon, the symbol of fertility and new beginnings.

Now, if you hang a horseshoe outside of your home, it brings good luck and it keeps the bad and illness away from your home.




In the end… A quote for this weird day!


“Be strong, get beyond all superstitions, and be free.” says an Indian Hindu monk called Swami Vivekananda. Can we do that? Stay away from our thoughts?



Now, if you’re done the reading, just go, knock on wood, stay away from ladders, pray you won’t encounter a black cat along your way and stay safe today.

Ultimately, in the name of holy love, the universe will take care of us on this spooky cursed day. I cross my fingers and hope that nothing bad will happen.


Images Sources – Pixabay & Pinterest