Quote of the week – Martin Luther King Jr. – In the end…

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
Martin Luther King Jr.


With the approach of Memorial Day this month and so many famous Memorial Day quotes out there to choose from, this week’s quote was selected to reflect the values and ideals that Martin Luther King Jr. encouraged and dedicated his life towards. It is because of these high moral standards that he has become a symbol of integrity, cooperation, and friendship. Martin Luther King Jr. is, and forever will be, a noteworthy figure that inspired his generation, as well as those who came after him, to value and defend peace, justice, and equality.


The origins of Memorial Day


I have always considered extreme situations to be excellent stimuli for wonderful acts of kindness. The story of Memorial Day is one such event. In 1868, Commander in Chief John A. Logan was inspired to declare May 30th as the first official Memorial Day in history. Subsequently, people have adopted this day of the year to lovingly remember and pay homage to those brave souls who endangered their lives in order to fight in the American armed forces.


Memorial day is celebrated on the last Monday of May every year. On this day you can see flags, flowers and the time-honored traditional colors red, white and blue. People take time off and organize parades, spend time with their families and participate in a moment of silence, widely referred to as “The National Moment of Remembrance.


The story of the Memorial Poppy


Events surrounding wars in America have inspired many famous words throughout time. Not to mention a huge number of Memorial Day poems for veterans, the most inspirational of which are titled “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae, and “The Blue and the Grey” by Francis Miles Finch. The latter was inspired by a beautiful gesture of unity and generosity when, after the Civil War, a group of women from Mississippi, adorned both Confederate and Union soldiers’ graves with flowers. This gesture shows the kind of feelings spurred by such events as war, which, in all their unfortunate nature, bring us all together in the end.


John McCrae also drew inspiration for his memorable work, “In Flanders Fields” from events that he witnessed during the First World War.



Nonetheless, it was Miss Moina Michael who decided to institute the “Red Poppy of Flanders Fields” as a sign of remembrance, after reading McCrae’s poem only two days before the Armistice was declared, on November 9, 1918. Miss Moina vowed to always wear a poppy in memory of “all who died in Flanders Fields.” She even dedicated a campaign that got the poppy adopted as a national symbol for by a number of organizations in the 1920s.


The best approach to keep forever


Martin Luther King Jr. has now become a widely recognized symbol of stood for peace, equality, and justice. This is because of his admirable, non-violent approach to the most poignant social problems of his generation. To me, it is absolutely fascinating how this one man could bring so many individuals together. It always impressive to see large crowds building and upholding one common goal. However, what I find impressive about this particular case, is the focus on empathy, which ultimately leads to compassion.


A strong believer in peace, equality and human rights, this gracious individual gave his all towards the cause he was a supporter of. And provided a worthy example to follow for generations to come.



He was (and obviously still is) proof that words hold tremendous power. If one individual can do so much and inspire so many, it only goes to show the immense power that lies dormant in all of us. We just need to let it come to light, and simply witness the wonderful things we can achieve. This is the very reason his words are a constant stream of inspiration. They make the best Memorial Day remembrance quotes for promoting reflection and appreciation for those of us who chose to uphold their ideals by paying the ultimate price.


Flowers can grow in the most desolate places


War has a tendency to bring people pain and suffering. However, there is another side to it. A side we tend to neglect and forget to think about or even acknowledge. War is a powerful catalyst for peace. It is because of war that people have dared to dream the most inspirational and uplifting thoughts of peace, tranquility, and unity. In consequence of all the hardships experienced in the past, we now have such appreciation for goodness. And it is due to the selfless actions of our predecessors that we now have a chance to live amazing, wonderful lives. Lives we would only dare to dream of in times of war.


This is the message that Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to keep alive. We are powerful individuals, but the power we hold, when we unite for the right cause, is stronger and more moving than any other imaginable force. We can see this whenever myriads of people unite for the greater good of mankind.



As human beings, we are free to embrace the thoughts of peace and dreams inside each of us. They are something we all share to some degree. Even if they take different shapes, according to each individual’s specific traits. We all have the innate desire to be well, to live healthy, happy lives. And we always have the chance to do that, by defending our own vital rights and also those of others.


In the end…


In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” These words are more than an inspirational quote. They are a plea and a prayer. Human beings are most inspired, most efficient and happiest when they are united against adversity. By standing united, we can eliminate two of the most detrimental threats to our own well-being: injustice and fear.


I hope that, in your search for the appropriate Memorial Day quotes for loved ones, these words will be enough to guide you. May the introspection they bring guide you through the week ahead and lead your thoughts to a place of gratitude and harmony.




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