Quote Of The Week – Smile More! – William Arthur Ward ##SmilePowerDay

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness” – William Arthur Ward.


This week’s quote is just a friendly reminder that we need to face problems and life with a grin on our faces. It will make everything better.

I found this quote from one of America’s most quoted writers of inspirational maxims – William Arthur Ward. A few simple words that mean so much – we all smile the same way.

Another reason for me choosing this quote is because on 15th of June, in the United States of America is celebrated National Smile Power Day.

Just another excuse for us so show more our teeth, be happy and share kindness. It’s something we should do every day of the week, not just on a cute day like this.

Because just like Ward says, a simple can warm things up and can spread joy, kindness, and happiness in a second.




We all smile in the same language!


We don’t need to speak the same language or to share the same culture or religion to be kind.

A few weeks ago a wrote a blog about what happens when someone smiles at you. You can read it here.

Women smile, men smile too. Kids smile and laugh with all of their hearts. It’s the perfect excuse to start a friendship or a relationship. That’s the shortest way to show someone you care about her or him. It’s the cutest way to show someone that you like him or her.

From a simple good morning greeting to a “How may I help you” greeting at a store, it all should start with a cute smile. It’s more empowering for everyone.

Yes, when you smile at someone you are telling them that you value them, that you see them and that they’re worth the smiley face.

A simple grin can morally boost up your confidence.

It’s been demonstrated that smiley faces increase the attractiveness and likability between people, creating a bond and a connection. It makes people interact easier, they make them cooperate much better and it creates a certain trust feeling. A simple smile can also help a person relax more, making them feel good and happier.

A smile has a great amount of power on everyone. National Smile Power Day was created especially for this –  to encourage everyone to share the power of a smile.

So, embrace the power of the smile! 🙂



We all love when we see people smiling at each other or the streets. Even better, we blush when someone smiles at us or responds back with a smile.

No words needed. It’s just a simple way of communication. Like I said, we don’t even have to speak the same language.

And to keep it on a funny note, we should smile now while we still have teeth. So, that way, when we’re old and we look in the mirror, we’ll see those wrinkles on our faces and think it was worth it.



You’ve got nothing to do today – but to smile!


I think that’s the easiest way to try and keep positive when life’s hard on you. Just like that Charlie Chaplin song says, we need to smile even when our hearts are broken.

Good or bad, we can’t let problems bring us down. Eventually, the sun will shine again on our street and everything will be back in place. Problems are just a way of making us even stronger.

And isn’t it great when all is gone and we look back, we think about what we’ve been through and we just smile? At least, that’s what I do.


 Keep on smiling!


And keep in mind that a smile can change someone’s day – for example, a crush smiling back at you will turn your day in no time. That smile can actually change things. It can be the start of a relationship. So it’s ok to say that a smile can change the world. That’s how it starts, small.

Laughter brings people together!

It’s been proved by scientist that when you try to put a smile on your face or when you try to grin more, a better state of mind and a more positive attitude starts to take over.



Smile more often, it makes people wonder!


How many times did you see a happy person smiling like crazy and just wondered what is going on with her? Many times, I know.

Because we’re just used to seeing people preoccupied, sad, stressed and buried in their own thoughts. And when we see a happy smiling person we always tend to think – what’s going on?

Well, the truth is, nothing wrong is going on. It’s just a normal person going through life with a positive happy attitude.

Maybe we should take a note from that person’s book.


And remember, smiling is infectious for sure. Ever noticed how one will reciprocate a smile after you share one? Well, there is a scientific explanation. According to the specialists, we all have something that is called “mirror neurons”. What are mirror neurons? Cells that are activated when we do something like that or when we see someone do that. our mirror neurons respond with the same action back. Pretty cool, right?



We always tend to focus more on negative things and on problems, stress and bad parts of our lives. When we could actually do it the other way around.

Stressing and thinking more about our problems won’t help, at all. On the contrary, it will just worsen our days and our moods. Trying to hold on a positive perspective about things can improve your thinking and can help you find a solution and help you cope with everything.

I know, it totally sounds like a cliche, but deep down you know it’s true and you know it’s working.

So smile more, share and spread kindness!

Dare yourself to laugh and smirk more today.  Use your smile to communicate more, to defeat problems and tension. Or just simply smile your day off. 🙂



Images Sources – Pexels & Unsplash