Quote Of The Week – Search For More – Dr. Seuss



“Read. Travel. Read. Ask. Read. Learn. Read. Connect. Read” – Dr. Seuss


This Quote Of The Week is not only inspirational or motivational, but it’s also deep and real and it’s just another way of saying – the more you know, the better! It comes from Theodor Seuss Geisel, an American author, cartoonist, and artist, known for his published books under the name of Dr. Seuss. And it’s basically an invitation to search for more, to learn more, to engage with new experiences and activities. Don’t settle for less or for what you already have. Wish for more, go for more, achieve it!


We all know how they always say to believe something or in something, we get that push to accept what it is and to stop doubting or questioning stuff. Well, Dr. Seuss is right, go ahead and connect with the world. There is so much to know about, so much to discover.


Reading this quote again, I take it as it is and understand that I have five ways to widen my life experience – to read, to travel, to ask, to learn and to connect.  Next, we’re gonna get them one by one to understand better how can we improve our lives for the better by following these 5 little steps.



Read – Open your eyes


I know, school activities or work projects are actually stealing a lot of time from you, but try and make some time, at night, before bed, instead of watching stuff on your phone, laptop or tablet (which is bad for your sleeping plan), open a book and read a few pages (you can do that online too, but the old-fashioned way is much better!). You disconnect from your mundane problems for a short period of time.

Or if you catch a little free period of time during the day, even better – maybe during lunch, maybe on your way to work. It can be a great way to spend time when you normally aren’t doing anything too stressful or applicant.

With books, you can disconnect from your mundane problems for a short period of time. Or if you catch a little free period of time during the day, even better – maybe during lunch, maybe on your way to work. It can be a great way to spend time when you normally aren’t doing anything too stressful or applicant.

I know most of these great-fun-to-read books are big and that they will take a lot to read but reading it for fun, make it a piece of cake. Because books are the best way to engage with things, it helps you become a better person and you understand life much easier.

Even if you’re a digital reader, borrow or buy more books than you think you’ll read. The thirst for more information will kick in and have you in a reading more mood.



Don’t put pressure on you to read because that’s how it is because it won’t work out. Read for your own pleasure, read for your own interest, joy, and learning. Like I said, the thirst will get you to make more time to read.

Apparently, Stephen King encourages people to read for five hours a day.  With our schedules, it’s impossible, I think. But, you can read a lot more than you’d think – a few pages now, a few pages there, and those minutes keep adding in there. Books really open eyes and sometimes, they make time fly.


Travel – Gain more experience


Reading a book can help you discover a new place, a new location on this planet, a new culture you didn’t know about, and many other things. So, yeah, a few pages can open a  new door. To a new destination. It can make you wonder about things. It can teach nice new stuff about another civilization, place, culture or field. And more!

This is the main reason for people to love to travel – discovering new things. A trip or a vacation can help you learn more not only about the world around us but also about yourself. And afterward, you just come back home with a new bag of experiences, a larger perspective about life, lots of new information, memories and one revived enthusiasm for life.

Remember, the need for travel also drove away some of our famous thinkers – going away helped them to open their minds, helped them to shift perspectives and to look in a different way at life. It’s all about reflecting of what you know but adding new fresh information. as well. Most of them went off on a trip where they connected with Mother Nature only.



Like like those thinkers, many of us are trying to find answers, to find our path and purpose, or maybe to find ourselves.

It can also be recreational, we all need some time away from the craziness of our daily lives. Travel can only bring so much joy.

By the way, if you need more courage to get going, go ahead and read my other post about traveling here, maybe you will find what you need there – inspiration, quotes, advice, and tips.



Ask – Diversify your mind


Well, this is not new information. We discover the importance of asking questions since we’re babies, around the age of 4 or 5,  we learn how to speak, and we reach the “Why?” phase when we ask a million questions about everything around us. That’s how we gain so much knowledge about the world around us.

But we should never lose this habit. We shouldn’t be afraid of asking millions of questions, we should do it like when we were kids our entire life. That’s how we find out new things.

It’s the way we can find answers to our questions. Or the plan to understand things. By asking each other, by asking ourselves and by asking the ones we need to ask, in order to get valuable information.



Yes, we live in a time where WWW always has the right answers. From Google to Wikipedia, you can ask a question and immediately find the answer. It’s great! But do that with real people in real life too – the exchange of information, opinions, and beliefs will amaze you!

But let’s not forget, we have to ask the right questions in order to get the answer we seek. And sometimes, we won’t get the answer we want. Keep looking, until you find it!

Learn – Achieve new information


By asking a lot of questions and by reading, you’ll achieve new data. We need to storage properly that information and use it when we need to. We’re not in school anymore, so we need to process and learn new information in a smart way and use only the information that is relevant for us. We don’t need to get our mind full of useless information. Try and filter the baggage of information that is coming your way and store only what we need to know.



We learn every day, we just need to listen more, to read more, because there is knowledge all around us, we just don’t know it. And it’s never too late to try something new – you can always take a new cooking class, or tennis lessons or even better, you can sign up for a group where you can learn a new language. There are a lot of options. Or you can just open an interesting book and find there something interesting.


Connect – Join the rest of the world


Knowing more means you can connect more. And I’m not just saying that I really mean it. Knowing more means you can bring more interesting topics to the table. It means you can approach more people. We’ve seen it – people who love the same book, movie, band, artist, whatever. They always form a little community where they share things.

So, find something that you like and go share it with others like you. That’s exactly my point – the more you know about the world, the more you find about yourself and about others.

Maybe you’re not familiar with a certain topic your friends or mates are talking about today, but you can do some research and you can find more about it. And the next day, you can start the conversation. They will jump right on it.


Dr. Seuss’ quote is an open invitation to discover more, to search for more – don’t just stand there in a bubble, in a safe box. Get out, search for more, do more and learn more.

Do that with your eyes, find and store great memories and visual information that is useful for you.

Make it with your mind and store valuable details that can actually help you.

And do that with your heart, find pleasure and joy in learning and experimenting new things. That’s another alternative for finding a connection to this big and amazing world – read, travel the world, learn new things and don’t forget to follow your heart.



Images Sources – pexels.com