Quote of the week – Paulo Coelho – Life: A Manifestation Of Love

“Everything is allowed, except interrupting a manifestation of love” – Paulo Coelho.



This week’s quote is just another reminder that sometimes we need to acknowledge our status as equal human beings, we need to understand that some barriers aren’t meant to be crossed, not by force, not by free will, and we need to turn our hearts around. Because it seems we turned our backs on each other and it’s getting out of hand.

Life really is a manifestation of love – we should cherish not only our families, our friends, our loved ones and those who are close to us. We have to find joy and happiness in everything around us. After all, we are all brothers and sisters on this planet. I know how it sounds, but, deep down, you know it’s just plain truth.


Our world is broken. Fix it with love.


Life’s so hard to be described with words sometimes. It’s the greatest gift we, as humans, receive from God, from the Universe, from whatever great power is above. A gift we need to cherish every day, with every breath we take. Being alive doesn’t mean you only exist and survive. Being alive means to move forward, to go only up, to achieve and to conquer. You’re the only one that can define your own life, you can do whatever you want and like. But there is only one condition – do it with love, not hate. Do it in a way that you won’t hurt the others. Do it the right way.

But looking around the world, with everything that is happening right now, I do believe more and more that our world is broken.


Unfortunately, tomorrow is never promised. And we are living those days where we less protected.


These last few years showed us that the hunger for power is stronger than we thought. From the USA to Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Istanbul and now to Manchester, it’s like we’re moving in a circle with no signs of an exit.

Today I will keep referring to life as a full manifestation of love and just like Paulo Coelho says with his short, but wise quote – nobody has the right to put an end to any manifestation of love. That manifestation of love is our presence and our experience on Earth.


  The world is (Y)Ours!


Sadly, tragedies do happen all the times. Every time we rise and we keep saying that we won’t live in fear, we won’t let them (we’ll call them the bad guys) guide our lives because hard times only makes us stronger. Or at least, that’s what they say. We manage to find the reason behind the tragedy, we blame each other or we find someone to blame. Sometimes, the guilty pays the price.

Some of us try to imagine how different our lives would be if they would not occur. That would be a perfect world and it only exists in our prayers, hopes, dreams. Back to our imperfect reality, we have to focus on what’s more important right now, we need to work on healing and getting back on track.


When the world is falling apart, it’s important to stay positive, to hold on to our faith and hopes, to keep an eye open always. Because a change for the better always starts with one person. Yeah, sometimes, one is enough to start things. It’s a long way, it’s a bumpy road, but it’s not impossible. It has to start somewhere with someone, or else the future really looks scary.


The only good coming thing out of a tragic event is that it brings out the humanity spirit – families get closer, friends get together, communities find a common source for staying close and helping each other out. It seems like tragedy brings people together. That way, we find the power in each other to heal. Staying together can help coping with things much easier, it’s true.


The real tragedy of life is when people don’t change.


And when I say we should change, I’m not saying that we all need to be the same. We are different, we share different cultures, opinions, religions, taste, but that doesn’t mean one is superior to other.

Yes, one is less fortunate than another, or one has a higher IQ than another one, or one is white and one is black. It’s called being different. It’s called diversity,  not being superior. And I think that it’s important to draw a line between different and superior.



These people, the bad guys, actually believe that it’s their job to end this manifestation of life because think they are in some way superior to the rest of the world. And this belief gives them the idea that they can actually control, rule and do as they please with the entire world. To them, the fact that not everyone shares the same ideas and embrace the same beliefs means we’re on a different path and we need to change that.


The truth is, our differences is what makes us so special and so beautiful as species.


Heal the world, Make it a better place!


I can’t help it, but to think of Michael Jackson’s song “Heal The World”. Our world really needs to be fixed – both humans, and our planet as well, we can’t ignore the environmental changes.


We’re ripping each other down and we’re crushing everything around us. It’s like we don’t care, except for times like this, when something bad actually happens. It brings us together for a short period of times, then we go back, our fear and our fears decrease over the following months. And then something bad happens again…and so on.


Why not make 180 degrees change? Why can’t we take the road for a better world? It seems it’s always so much simpler to do bad things than to do good. When it should be the other way around. What happened to that famous saying – Faith in humanity?


Decades ago, people believed that after the 2000s, we’ll have flying cars, robots will make our life much easier (we’re getting there day by day) and we’ll have teleportation as a way of transport. Instead, after the 2000s our world went down on the spiral. And my biggest fear is that it’s just the beginning.


These sad events, that keep happening, got us in a new place where we’re always looking over our shoulders, we’re always keeping our guards up. Even we’re on vacation visiting a really popular place or city, or when we’re attending a big concert in a crowded arena, we think if we’re actually safe to enjoy our little break from mundane activities.


The only thing we can do is to pray and to hope for that change to happen soon. We can only wish for the better, we can only keep on going. Being alive really is the most precious thing ever. Don’t ever take it for granted.


And maybe one day, we’ll turn on our TVs or open our social media pages and see this – The world is at peace! That day, we’ll know that no one ever will interrupt our manifestation of love.



Images Source – Giphy.com & Pexels.com