Quote Of The Week – Maya Angelou – Music: The Soundtrack The Our Lives

“The music was my friend, my lover, my family” – Maya Angelou.

A combination of pitch and rhythm, music is that form of art that enters through our years and goes straight to the heart. With or without words, we become one with the music and the rest of the world follows.

This quote of the week is for those of us that know music is more than lyrics and sounds. Music is life – for every moment, for any feeling, for each individual, to those who relate to music as a best friend, a family member or even as a lover, that’s always there for us,

Every single person in this entire world listens to music –  even if it’s not by choice. On their way to work, people ride the bus or get a taxi and the radio is on playing the greatest songs. That’s the background sound for that moment, right there.


A Universal Language


We respond to the sounds, to the vibration, the lyrics.  And they are always related to some good or bad memory. That is why when we hear a song or some parts of a song or a melody, some memories are triggered making us focus on thinking about someone or something. So maybe that’s the explanation for the theory of how some people won’t remember the singer, but only the song.

 “Music and Rhythm Find Their Way Into The Secret Places Of The Soul”.


Music makes us laugh, makes us cry, makes us forget about something or makes us remember things. We always associate a story with a song – first time we met our loved one, a special occasion involving our friends, a period of time in our life when life was rough, anything.


And not to mention, it can also improve our creativity process. Many people admitted they listen to music while working, saying that it helps in finding ideas. Of course, we’re talking ambient music, not too loud. One study actually showed that to classical music improves visual attention
Now think about a foreign song in a language that you don’t understand. Or about an instrumental melody. Although you may not understand exactly what the song is about, you can typically guess the feeling – a slow tempo may be related to a sad or emotional song, while a fast tempo can be linked to happy and energy.


 “Music not only changes our mood, but it also changes the way we think and our perception of the world.”



At the very least, you can understand whether the melody is a positive or negative one. So, with words that we can’t understand, or without any words, just instruments playing, the music can calm or stimulate us.

Unlike the real life events, we don’t feel the real threat while listening to music, we can simply perceive those related emotions.

So, I think it’s safe to agree that music really is a universal language, based on recognizing the sensations, the sentiments that it’s sending towards us. Music is what feelings sound like.


Inspired by real life events for real situations


Musicians always say that they sing and/or compose pieces that are inspired by the events in their lives because they feel that other people are facing the same problems, the same challenges or the same happy moments.


 “People want to hear songs with the words they’re afraid to say”. Or to hear from someone else.



They say more than half of our brain is actually filled with verses. And it’s kind of true. When we’re happy we hear the beat but when we are sad we listen to the lyrics and we identify with the words. Maybe we can relate to it entirely, maybe those words are exactly what we need to hear. That’s exactly a musician’s goal – to touch our hearts with their voices and their verses.


It’s also therapeutic

Music is considered a light medicine, can be therapeutic and can reduce stress. Hippocrates used to play music to help treat his patients. In the Old Testament, David played music and helped King Saul to ease his sadness. Mothers use this trick too: when the baby is crying and she starts to sing or to hum a lullaby, the baby concentrates on the sound and calms down.

Sometimes music is the only thing that our hearts and souls need, especially when we’re feeling down and we don’t feel like talking to someone.

Music can’t cure diseases, but it sure helps to deal with emotions and problems. Music is also associated with relaxation, so if you listen to calm or soft songs, you automatically get relaxed and focused. On the other hand, upbeat music it’s recommended while working out or jogging. Listening to upbeat music right after you wake up, can boost up your energy just like coffee does.


  “Listening to music is one of the few activities that uses the entirety of the human brain”.


It’s been demonstrated that music works on animals and plants too. For quite some time now, farmers play music for their animals to keep them happy and not stressed and to deliver the best products.

A study from the University of Glasgow showed that dogs are happier when they hear soft rock and reggae music. These two types of music have shown positive behavioral changes.

A group of scientists also demonstrated that plants capture some type of feelings too based on music – hard rock “stressed them out”, while classical music kept them calm. This theory is based on the fact that plants actually respond not to the sounds itself, but to the vibrations that it creates.


Over and Over Again


We all have one favorite song that we keep playing over and over again. We play that song until we are so tired of it. But until we get bored we keep pressing play out loud with our speakers or out loud in our headphones. These kinds of songs that get stuck in our heads are called “earworms”.

Speaking of headphones, ever walked down the street listening to your favorite song and pretended to be in a music video? Or stayed in the back of a car or by the window, listening to a song on the radio while you watch the rain pouring down imagining you’re in a movie scene? Best feeling in the world.

So, just like Maya Angelou says, music is a big part of our lives – we consider it a friend, family or lover because through music we can get past unfortunate situations in our lives, we can deal with our problems easier, we can face challenges carefully or it can help us create good and happy moments in our lives.


 “The thing about music…” Turn the world down, turn the music louder.



Images Sources – pinterest.com & giphy.com