Quote of the week – Jimi Hendrix – Love for peace

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

Jimi Hendrix


This week’s quote is a dedication to all the international ongoing events in the politics of the world. There are never ending wars going on, violent protests against dictators imposing their powers against the will of the citizens, nuclear bomb threatenings, shaking democracies, absurd violation of human rights, and many more atrocities. And what’s for us to do? The regular citizens of the world? The minuscule powerless ants working hard every day trying to live our lives as best as we can?

I’ll tell you what we have left! We have something that is more priceless and powerful than all the desire for control. We have love, hope, and faith. People express astonishing optimistic emotions through music and art. We can spread love and peace in every aspect of our lives.


Jimi’s love

Jimi Hendrix and his love, the guitar…


Jimi Hendrix has done that through his influential compelling music and his great quotes and lyrics. It is speculated that Jimi’s relationship with music was unimaginable deep to be understood by any other music lover. He was the ultimate music lover and only through such a dedicated passion for his art and music, Jimi succeeded in touching a perfect guitar performance. This sincere fervency for music and guitar playing innovation has resulted in a masterpiece career. His example is among hundreds of how the power of love for something is constructive and beneficial not only for oneself but for the whole world.


Power of love   

When I read Jimi’s quote from above, I realised that he is correlating love with peace, as if love is the action, and peace is the reaction. That is a beautiful connection that has never ceased to prove itself when you think about it. With love towards the world and everything that compiles it, comes harmony and serenity. And the world we live in today desperately needs more acts of love and mercy because as time goes by, individuals become more egocentric and ignorant regarding the suffering of others.

Love is the solution for changing the present political context and it has to start from you and me. Spreading love isn’t such a huge responsibility that comes with hard to accomplish chores. A smile, a little help, a hug, a shared meal, an unexpected gift, a story read to a child, sharing knowledge, volunteering. All these are small acts of love that can radically change the society we live in.


Smile and you’ll get thousands smiles back!


The power of love will is only amazingly powerful when the flow of energy goes only in a virtuous direction. Jimi Hendrix is among the great people that used his fame to spread kindness and the so much needed love!


Love of power

But unfortunately, the world isn’t going around on such flower power grounds as many hippies in the ‘70s stood for. Jimi Hendrix quote of the week is clearly stating a reality that we are also facing now, fifty years later. The present of world politics is characterised by a destructive desire of power and abundance of natural resources and territories. Our reality is led by the never ending whim for control, for imposing an ideology or a religion. It’s like history hasn’t taught us anything. Half a century later, there are still wars on ideology and territory, race and ethnic discrimination is abusively stepping on humans rights and so on.


This is the power we should focus on.


These are the devastating results of focusing love for a pejorative reason like power. Indeed it is silly of me to refer to the world politics as a big mistake when there are so many other perspectives at stake. But somehow I tend to believe that when the sweet savour of power is tasted by anyone, with good or bad intentions, the sight becomes poorer. And step by step, the personal perspective blinds the person so much that it starts missing the whole picture.


Love peace!

Besides redirecting your love towards people and other greater goals on the path of trying to change the world around you, it is important to love yourself and love peace. This will automatically double the effects of a positive action of change and help.

Every kind action brings a bit of piece regardless of its measurements. With one act per time, together we will be able to overcome the love of power and to truly dedicate for peace. There is nothing more than the world needs right now, but serenity, peace, and understanding. Hopefully, we will realise this before another version of Jimi Hendrix in the future will declare similar affirmations as this one: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”    


After all, peace comes with no effort…


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