Quote Of The Week – Dream Big. Always! – Earl Nightingale

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going” – Earl Nightingale



This week’s quote comes from American author Earl Nightingale and I’ve picked it up because (mostly all around the world) it’s that time of the year when kids and teenagers are finishing school, they’re struggling with exams and future decisions, or they’re just thinking where to enroll, which career to embrace or maybe some of you are thinking about your life and trying to make a change. Decisions, decisions. This is for you, future freshman, future graduate and not only.


Writing this post, I have in mind Susan Boyle singing “I Dreamed A Dream” hence the title and the topic. Yes, we all have a dream and we all try (some succeed at first, some have to fail a few times) to make it happen. Dreaming a dream means we have a goal, a purpose, a direction. I wrote this post to inspire you, to inspire myself. We’ve heard some of these things before, but we need to re-read them again and do something about it. So, here we go. I hope by the time you end with your reading, you feel a little bit more motivated.


It’s OK to Dream Big!


We discover our passions as little kids, those things we enjoy so much we don’t see it as work, extra activity or labor – maybe it’s sports, maybe it’s science, maybe it’s arts. Anything!

For example, a little girl is taken by her mother to ballet class and she actually realizes she loves to dance so much, so she wants to continue and be good at it. That means many hours of practice after school, less play time, sacrifices, emotions, and representations on the big scene. It’s a lot to take, but the joy and the appreciation of those around her will make that little girl succeed. And one day, she will be the biggest ballerina in the world and all of her hard work will pay off when the whole world will give her long rounds of applause. She turned her passion into her job.

And, we can find examples like this from Steve Jobs to Beyonce to Ronaldinho, and the list is endless. That’s dreaming big, following your dream and making it happen. With hard work, sacrifices and magic moments, anything can happen.



Setting a goal, finding a purpose or discovering a passion you can turn into a job means you know where you’re going. Life is not that easy, so it always asks for sacrifices. But hard work will always get you where you want. It’s never too early or too late to become who you really want to be. It’s ok to change your mind, to find something else you enjoy more. That’s how we discover our true selves. It’s true, some people find their ways into this world better – it’s like they’re born to do something. But it’s also true, that some people find their paths harder – there is no time limit (but don’t push it too far), you can switch directions anytime, as long as it makes you happy.


It’s up to us to make our life beautiful. Just like Nightingale says, it’s up to us to know where we are going. We decide which road we take and we need to go on that road with our hearts and minds open. Dream big, don’t set any limits. We have to wish the best for us and we need to achieve the most of it. Work hard, play hard! Don’t give up on your vision, don’t settle for less. 

Have the courage and intelligence to accept that you’re not perfect. No one is! We all have flaws, fears, and failures, that’s what is so human about us. And we all like to feel safe and comfortable in our boxes. But sometimes, the best things are out of the box. If you’re too afraid to take huge risks and change it all in one second, then go with baby steps – you’ll achieve the same victory.


It’s OK to be Yourself.


We all have heard from others that we are not good enough for something and that we’re not supposed to do something. I know I’ve listened to some of those people and nothing good came out of it. So, my advice is this – don’t let others define you because they don’t know you better and they don’t know what you’re capable of.

They say the real challenge begins after you’re done with school and get a job and start your adult life. I say the challenge beings when we are born and it ends when you find your true self.


  Try your best to make a reality out of your dreams.


One has to follow his own dreams and passions, not his parents, not his brother or sister. We are all different, we share different hobbies and desires and we’re built differently. I remember a joke I’ve heard a few months ago that says to never follow other’s path unless you’re on a mountain or in the woods and you’re lost.

Don’t worry about what opportunities and chances you have to take on, worry about what you need to do to make money, but to feel happy as well.


It’s OK to Hope for the Best:


Specialist in positive psychology, Charles Richard Snyder, studies how hope can affect our work, education and personal life and he thinks that there are three types of hopeful thinking:


  1. Goals – living life in a goal-oriented way
  2. Pathways – finding different ways to achieve your goals
  3. Agency – Believing that you can make a change and achieve those goals


So, we think it’s safe to say that we don’t lose our hope. We don’t lose our dreams. Maybe we change our dreams, on our way growing up. Changing and wanting to do something else means that you have another goal, another purpose to your life. And change is good sometimes. Changing something means you want to risk and not play it safe. That’s hope too. Hope is the seed of all good things, the starting place of dreams coming true, even if that dream that you started with as a kid is not the same with your dream as an adult. Keep finding your own self and your goals until you’re happy to pursue it.

For some people, hope is that thing that makes you stronger, that won’t let you quit. Hope is the power that gives you the strength you need to keep on going. Call it a dream, call it a power, call it a skill, but hope it’s always that thing you keep coming back for whenever you feel you’re down – hope is a religion, hope is music, hope is a friend, hope is your mother. You can find hope everywhere, you just need to see it.


  If you feel you need to change something, do it.


So, the key to a positive life it starts with hope. Waitley says that hope equals dreams and having a dream means that your life has a purpose. When we were kids, we all wanted to be doctors, singers, actors, firefighters or athletes. Or get a dream job and start the perfect family Those were our dreams. Vivid dreams become goals. Let’s say only half of us actually have our dream jobs right now. That means this half reached that particular goal.



It’s OK to make Mistakes


But what happens with the other half, that didn’t reach their goals?You know what they say – you failed? Keep going, you’re always learning.

Well, if you don’t know what to do with your life, do it the other way – find what you don’t want to do and avoid that. Find enthusiasm in something and become the best at that.

For all of us, young souls out there, reading this – making mistakes is very important when we’re growing – never having made a mistake means never having tried your best in your life.

When you don’t have a certain idea of what you’re life is going to look like, it’s really ok to get on the wrong train and get stuck on the way up. It’s not the time to make fast decisions because you’ll get the wrong answer. See what life gives you, experiment more, change your mind because nothing is really permanent. We are always moving, developing and adapting. Keep looking if you haven’t found what you most enjoy. And don’t settle for the first choice, only because it’s reassuring. It will only make you lose precious time.


  There is always another door opened for you. If not, aim for the window.


For those of us, who are still young at heart, but not so young with age anymore, I got one question – how much time you’re going to waste? If you’re not happy with you and your life right now, change it for the better. Now, it’s the right time.

Sometimes, those things that go wrong, are actually the things that lead to those things that go right.

So, dare to dream big, but wake up and follow your dream!



Images Source – Pixabay.com