Quote of the week – Bernard Meltzer – Friendship, Finding the Best Within

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

– Bernard Meltzer


This week’s quote features the great power of friendship! We all know how precious and understanding our friends are. They’re the ones that stick around when they don’t have to. They are the ones who know who you really are and still want to hang out!
Is there anything better than those precious moments with your best friend?
Well, I’m here to discuss the importance of friendship, and how you can strengthen the connection with your friends.


Friendship is by far the best connection between people. It offers freedom, trust, kindness, fun, and it has the power to make you a better person. Friends help and support each other through thick and thin, and when they see you stepping out of line they won’t hesitate to tell you. It is the tightest bond you can have with someone. Even if you’ve not worked on your relationship for years when next you meet it will be like no time has passed at all.

Remember F.R.I.E.N.D.S? It was undoubtedly the best representation of friendship. Six very different people, appreciating and encouraging one another through all kinds of situations, both good and bad. And they always stuck together, even when they didn’t get along because that’s what friends do! They forgive each other!

Keys to Friendship

Friends understand you, they listen and aid you as best they can. However, that only happens as long as you are a friend to them.
When it comes to the effort put in, the relationship must be mutual and equivalent. Of course, this is something important for all relationships, except perhaps family ties (parents always do more for their kids), which in all honesty should make them best friends by default, but that all comes down to communication.

But I digress. Here are the three most important factors to turn your relationship up to BFF status.


  • Values.

They are the core elements which drive your decisions, your thoughts, and how you see the world. Your values are what defines you. Your moral compass helps a lot when selecting your friends. People are drawn to like-minded individuals, seeking both appreciation and someone with whom they can share common interests.


  • Communication.

Few things are more important than communication when it comes to relationships. The lack of it, or its misuse, can cause serious issues among people. Being able to talk about your troubles with your friends dramatically improves your chances of finding solutions for them. It will also ease your state of mind while strengthening the trust between you and your friends.


  •  Time.

Nothing worthwhile is done overnight. The longer you spend with your friends the more you get to know each other. Friendship is a bond which understands differences and faults, accepting them as part of who you really are. And it’s this genuine you that friendship enhances and appreciates more than anything. This cannot be done unless you take the time to develop such a connection.

Best Friends

A friend once told me that friends are like clothes, you have something for every occasion. And you like all of them because they are different from one another. And the clothes you wear, just like your friends, shape who you are and how people see you. They make you feel better on a bad day and they give you the change you sorely need.

So be like a comfy sweater to your friends and keep them warm and happy when times are gloomy. Take care of them and accept each other’s differences and imperfections. Through friendship, we become better people than we ever could on our own.

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