About Motherhood and How to Be a Cool Mom

“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.” is what Honore de Balzac declares about his mother. And this is applicable to all mothers in the world. Such a beautiful motivational quote for moms will banish all doubts about being a mother. I’ve heard many mothers saying that after having children they have discovered an untouched fountain filled with amazing feelings such as forgiveness, courage, ambition, goodness, understanding and much more.


Love of a mother and love for a mother

A mother is a person who loves you truly and unconditionally. She is the person who shows you the true purity of the greatest feeling of all, love. She tries to take care of her children the best she can, tries to protect them from all dangers. A mom tries to offer them comfort and peace. A mother encourages her children to be strong and fearless, helps them to overcome all problems, and forgives them for impulsive behaviours.


Yeah! Together with your mother’s encouragements, you can be whomever you want to be.


Karl Lagerfeld said that “The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.” That love springs from a true wish of wellness and happiness. The love of a mother is sheer and unlimited because a mother wants the best for her children. And she is able to move mountains to make that happen. And I couldn’t agree more with what Karl Lagerfeld said, my mother loves me so much that she succeeded in accepting me 100% as I am, leaving aside her perception of how her daughter should be like.


With every word I write now, I realise how many motivation quotes for moms I should have dedicated to my mother for showing her at least a bit of the immense gratitude I feel towards everything that she’s done for me. Even though it seems so hard to open up, those three words will fill her with joy and proudness. So, never hesitate to tell your mother how much you appreciate and love her.


Being a young mom has its advantages


 You get to do anything that crosses your mind as long as it is safe.


Motherhood comes with many hardships and struggles, especially if you’re a young mom. The fear that your future is compromised by raising a child and the vanished desire of doing great things with your life might make you feel hopeless. Indeed you will probably feel forlorn and desperate. Take some time to feel sorry for yourself and have all the regrets you can think about. To help you get through these rough times read some quotes about being a young mom and find out that you are not alone.


Anyway, you have to deal with the decision of having a baby at a young age, so, why not see the bright side of the situation. There are so many benefits of being a young mom, you don’t even realise. Here’s a couple that crossed my mind:


– You will be a cool mom simply because you’ll grow in the same time with your child.

– You might discover how creative you are by creating different innovative toys for your child.

– You’ll sure find an infinite source of patience to teach your kid all the good morals.

– Being a young mom gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities with your toddler. Jogging with the stroller or make him/her laugh while dancing on some Justin Bieber songs are just some ideas, 

– You are probably more open-minded than other older mothers, giving you the advantage of being receptive to non-formal and alternative educational methods that will help your child develop better.

– When the baby will grow up, he or she will be closer to you because of your energetic and imaginative attitude.


A young mother and father showing their child what freedom of expression is from an early age at Symbiosis Gathering music festival in 2016.


– Tricia Goyer said that “This mother role will teach you more about yourself than you ever expected.” Getting to know yourself earlier than other people will definitely help you comprehend more about the world, will make you wiser and more tolerant.

– And maybe the most important of everything is the fact that you’ll sense how true pure love feels like earlier than many other people. You’ll discover the precious treasure of your heart and soul, a goal that for many will remain a mystery.

– A beautiful unknown quote about being a young mom says the most touching words as it follows: “Being a young mom means that we met a little early, but it also, means I get to love you a little longer.”


Ups and downs makes a mother stronger

And always remember how you feel about your mother is the same emotion your child will have towards you. From now on, you’ll always be loved! Sarah Williams seems to have seen both sides of motherhood saying that: “Motherhood is more awesome than I ever thought it could be and harder than I ever imagined.” Indeed, all I can think about is that the balance of being a mother will always be equal.


– There is a high possibility of not sleeping 8 hours per night, but you will have the beautiful imagine of seeing a baby face falling asleep every night.

– Your entire time will be dedicated to raising your baby at least for the first couple of years, but you will feel the purest joy of seeing his/her first smile and steps.

– Big parts of the day will be devoted to teaching your baby different aspects of life, meanwhile, you can have a lot of fun.

– A couple of times a day comes to the changing diapers situation that can be a bit disgusting. But on the other hand, you’ll be your baby’s personal fashion designer. All those little clothes are just making me giggle of cuteness. You’ll have the possibility of assorting and mixing little pants with little blouses with little hats. How cute is that?


A fashionable cute couple of mother-daughter sharing a secret.


 Being a mother will always be a process filled with miracles and joys! You will be the individual a little person will rely on every second from the moment of birth. You will be a person that will always be asked for advice, for help, and for love. And a piece of advice for first moms is not to be frightened of what comes next because the mother-child bond will naturally offer you all the solutions.


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