Meet the Family – Famous Brothers and Sisters Edition

Family first! I think we all are accustomed to this saying, because, let’s face it, for most of us (not all of us, I know) family is the most valuable thing in the world. It’s not a cliche, it’s the actual truth. John Wooden once said that “The most important thing in the world is family and love”. That’s the main reason we call it “Home, Sweet Home” because that’s what it’s made of – mother, father, children and devotion.


To me, my mother and my father are everything I’ve got. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, I’m the only child and you can imagine the amount of love and attention I’ve received (and I’m still receiving it).

So, I can’t really understand the brotherly type of love, but I’ve seen around me some great siblings relationships and I’ve formed an image about it. It’s unconditional love and that I can understand.


Now, in every family, there is at least one member that’s trying hard to make it big. With some real talent and hard work, some actually make it – they become famous, they get their dream jobs and everything goes up, up and away. Usually, it’s the kids that make it, inspired and encouraged by their parents who live their passions and dreams through their children.

Today, I want to focus on influential families (because we can), we’ll discover some of the greatest brothers and sisters in history, people we actually look up to, famous people we didn’t know they have siblings, brothers, and sisters that made it big also. We’ll find all next.


Greatest Siblings in History


Looking back through our history, we find many great families and I think it’s worth mentioning The Medici Family, the Julio -Claudian Dynasty from Ancient Rome, The Zhu Family from Ming Dynasty that ruled Chinese Empire, the House of Habsburg or the Capetian Family, Europe’s largest royal house. I know, they’re not that famous because it’s old news and nobody really mentions them, other than school. Noways, if we think of great famous sibling we think of The Kardashian Clan with so many sisters and brothers. That’s our reality!

What have all these families in common? They shine together in the public eye. All of them or some of them.

Let’s break it down to some of the most famous and interesting brothers and sisters in history, and really interesting from my point of view, of course.


First, on my list, we find Mary and Anne Boleyn. Two sisters with a totally different kind of a sisterly relationship that has given rise to many rumors and misinterpretations that have been exaggerated over the times. Mary was the mistress of two kings: Francis I of France and Henry VIII of England, while Anne was married to Henry. Mary’s relation with Henry was the reason that his marriage with Anne was declared null and void. Anne’s position was in danger: she was the Queen of England, but her sister was declaring herself the true queen. This caused a lot of scandals, Mary eventually married an ordinary soldier in secret, which caused her banishment from the royal court, spending her rest of her life in vagueness. After their marriage was declared invalid, Henry arrested Anne at the Tower of London under false accusations of adultery, incest, and conspiracy and ordered her death.


Next, changing our direction, I got Brothers Grimm – Wilhelm and Jacob. The whole world knows about them, they are always associated with fairy tales for kids like “Snow White”, “Rapunzel”, “Cinderella,” and “Sleeping Beauty.” What many people don’t know about them is that they didn’t actually write these so famous stories. They collected them from German folklore and they adapted them for printing. They discovered this passion during their years at the University of Marburg where they caught an interest in German folklore. That’s how they dedicated their lives to collecting German tales.


The Jackson Brothers, Michael, and Janet: here we can consider not only brothers and sisters that made it big but the whole family. The Jackson family is one of the most successful families in history. We all know about the huge success the Jackson brothers had between 60’s and 80’s. But only one of them managed to rise even more – the one and only Michael Jackson, who changed the music scene with his dance moves and shows. He changed video music industry with the Billie Jean short film – being the first music video that had a story line. The rest is history. But it was not only Michael that rocked the music industry. Janet, his younger sister, managed to get away from being Michael’s sister and she became the most influential female pop singer. The crazy part is that, up until 1993, people actually believed and spread rumors that Michael and Janet were the same people. At the 1993 Grammy edition, Janet presented Michael with an award and before his acceptance speech, the King of Pop joked saying: ” We really are two different people”.



Popular pairs making history


Getting close to our days, I feel the need to mention some of the famous people that are still making great things. We all know the Olsen Sisters or the Sprouse Brothers. I’m talking about twins.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the most famous twin sisters in the world. They become famous in the 90’s with the help of the sitcom “Full House”. After that, they appeared in many other movies and they build a fashion empire. On the other hand, Dylan and Cole Sprouse rose to fame in the late 2000’s with their sitcom “Suite Life of Zach & Cody” on Disney Channel.


Not twins, but probably the greatest duos of all time, I’ve picked three more amazing pairs of brothers and sisters:


Serena and Venus Williams  – Women’s professional tennis world changed after the Williams sisters actually stole the spotlight in 1990. They brought a new level of athleticism to this sports, a new kind of rivalry and a new fresh look at sisters, in general. It was Venus that turned professional first in 1994 and she can praise herself with several Grand Slam titles (Wimbledon and Us Open) and Olympic Gold medals. In 1995, Serena turned professional as well. She won all four Grand Slams titles (Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon). She is the greatest player in Modern Era of tennis. She won Olympic Gold medals as well. Currently, Serena is expecting her first child and she won the Australian Open being pregnant in approximately two months.




Prince Harry and Prince Williams – the two princes grew up together, being all the time in the spotlight. After the loss of their mother, the great Princess Diana, the two brothers remained close. They got a lot of things in common, they share same hobbies, passions, and responsibilities – their love for charity work, their careers in the royal air force and their competitive spirits. But, despite those common points, the two have very different personalities – Prince Harry is the fun one, being more playful, embracing the bachelor-party-lifestyle, while Prince William is more leader-like, responsible growing into a charismatic family man. But they’re both really great.



Kate and Pippa Middleton – Recently, Pippa, revealed in an interview that she and Kate have a normal relationship, that they’re really close and they support each other and that they talk really often. Kate also talked about her family and she said that she grew up in a normal family where the girls shared clothes and makeup. They both attended the Marlborough College boarding school, they both played hockey with Pippa becoming the team captain. They share the same athletic skills – Pippa actually biked across America, runs marathons and competes in Ski races, and Kate swims, runs and does yoga.



The Famous and their not so famous siblings

Not every family member gets into the spotlight, though. Here is a short like of people that aren’t an only child and I bet you didn’t know that:


  1. Lady Gaga has a little sister named Natali Germanotta
  2. Angelina Jolie has an older brother James Haven
  3. Jennifer Lopez has a younger sister named Lynda Lopez
  4. Penelope Cruz and her younger sister Monica Cruz are so much alike!
  5. Emma Watson has a little brother named Alex Watson
  6. Brad Pitt has a younger brother named Doug
  7. Victoria Beckham (once Adams) also has a younger sister Louise Adams.
  8. Rihanna is big sis for two younger brothers – Rorrey and Rajad




Well, aside from crazy town of Mary and Anne Boleyn, I guess I could’ve turned down some of the attention I had growing up as an only child because having a sister or a brother sounds so much fun (especially if she or he is famous). Well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be!


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