Don’t Give Up! – Mental Health Awareness Quotes

In recent years, humanity has made some very impressive advances in medicine. Some once-fatal illnesses have been completely eradicated, while others have been made survivable. When it comes to mental illness, however, we are still far behind what would be ideal.

And given that May is the International Mental Health Awareness Month, I will use this opportunity to showcase why the stigma around such issues is highly detrimental to finding a solution for these problems. I’ll also be making use of whatever quotes on mental health I have at my disposal in the process.

Breaking Misconceptions

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of the world but those who fight and win battles that others do not know anything about.” – Jonathan Harnisch

One of the main problems with mental health issues is that many who suffer from them can’t bring themselves to come clean. Despite having gone a long way since the days of Bedlam, people with mental problems are still, at times, ostracized for their shortcomings.

In most cases, this comes as a result of ignorance, not outright malice. So, the best thing to do is to spread knowledge and to combat misinformation.

A number of TV shows and news segments have had the courage to approach some mental health issues and portray them as accurately as possible. You’re The Worst does great justice to depression and PTSD, Homeland fans praise Kate Winslet for her portrayal of bipolar disorder, and Jessica Jones perfectly showcases dealing with PTSD.

But those are just a handful of TV shows who dare tackle such pressing issues. We need more fundraisers, more money for research, and even more events like the Ice Bucket Challenge, but for people with mental issues. We need to show the real side of these people and to stop their discrimination.

Only knowledge, acceptance, and further study can lead to a future where we get rid of mental issues the way we did with physical ones. If we just keep an open mind, we can make it better for our fellow human beings with the smallest amount of effort. Just make them feel like you care.

Gratz For Making It So Far

Like millions of others, I take medication to help treat my mental illness. Treating chronic medical conditions must not be stigmatized.” – John Green

Good news is, if you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve made it so far. That, or there really is an afterlife, in which case good news for us! But jokes aside, congratulations! If you’ve had it so bad that you considered ending your life, you deserve all the praise for still being here today.

Another problem most people have in perceiving the realities of mental issues is empathy. Even the most empathetic of people cannot imagine what it’s like wishing for the sweet relief of death day in and day out unless they themselves have been there.

The reason it’s so difficult to imagine this is because the most basic instinct of all living things is to survive. If someone suffering from depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, OCD, or other forms of mental illness has concluded that the only way for their suffering to stop is death, it means that they’ve been through hell and back.

And they deserve our respect. They’ve earned it for every moment they smiled and said everything was ok, for every time they got out of bed and went about their day, and for every second they soldiered through their affliction and tried to beat it.

Many have fallen along the way, many unfortunates who never stood a chance. Or, at least, so they thought. Everyone stands a chance. Your affliction may define you for now, but you can make it your own. You can beat it into submission until you find yourself back in control. It can be done.

Others In Your Shoes

Usually, when I obsess over things, I see germs sneaking into my skin. I see myself crushed by an endless succession of cars… And she was the first beautiful thing I ever got stuck on.” – Neil Hilborn

Think about it like this. One in five American adults suffers from mental illness in any given year. One in twenty-five suffers from mental illness to such a degree that it interferes with their major daily activities. The numbers are much higher for children aged 8 to 18 years old.

And those numbers are just from those brave enough to admit their condition. A concerning number of people go through their lives never admitting, or, worse yet, never realizing that they suffer from mental health issues. This can wreak havoc on an individual’s psyche, and many of these find themselves the victims of nervous breakdowns or worse.

A great number of celebrities have openly come out to talk about their issues. Their stories are just as inspiring as yours could be. Let me list a few examples:

J. K. Rowling has had serious bouts of depression, even incorporating them into her book series as the terrifying Dementors. Jim Carrey, Ellen Degeneres, Jared Padalecki, Jon Hamm, and Winona Ryder all struggled with depression. Catherine-Zeta Jones has always been open about her bipolar disorder, and Lady Gaga admitted suffering and dealing with PTSD.

Wentworth Miller, of Prison Break and Legends of Tomorrow fame, struggled with depression, being gay, feeling rejected, and all alone for most of his life. He even had a suicide attempt at 15 but is now a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, fighting social injustice and mental illness in any way that he can. The point is, you’re not alone.

Hope Is All Around You

You only cry for help if you believe there is help to cry for.” – Wentworth Miller

There are plenty of associations and organizations whose main focus is dealing with mental illness. And some of those lines are actually free of charge. Even if you think that you can’t handle it, it’s just temporary. Even antidepressants, which are an extremely affordable temporary fix, can do wonders.

Jon Hamm actually said: “Honestly? Antidepressants help! If you can change your brain chemistry enough to think: “I want to get up in the morning; I don’t want to sleep until four in the afternoon. I want to get up and go do my s**t and go to work”. Reset the auto-meter, kick-start the engine!

Even talking to someone helps beyond what you could imagine. The person doesn’t even have to offer any advice, although a caring friend is definitely preferred in any such situation. Simply hearing yourself talk has a calming effect on your nerves. It also greatly helps with putting things into perspective.

And there are centers, plenty of them, where they want to help you. Regardless if you’re suffering from OCD, depression, or something much more serious, like schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, or psychosis, there are people everywhere who want to help you. You just need to push through a bit more, do a bit of research, and see where you can go for help.

There are even free online message boards where people will counsel anyone in need. They have both audio and text-based services, so you’ll need to expend very few resources to get help.

The World Needs Another Hero

Out there things can happen, and frequently do, To people as brainy and footsy as you. And when things start to happen, don’t worry, don’t stew. Just go right along, you’ll start happening too!” – Dr. Seuss

And that hero can be you. If you manage to conquer your darkness, or at least learn to live with it, always remember that there are others in the same place you just left behind. And while nobody is asking you to dedicate your life to solving everybody’s issues, do consider being there for someone every once in awhile.

Think back to when you needed comforting, and then comfort someone who appears to be in the same situation. Remember all those times you needed a few words of encouragement, and utter them to someone else. Relive the moment which brought you down from the ledge, and try bringing that moment to others.

Because now that you know what it feels like to live with mental illness, you have a better understanding of others. You know the lowest depths of a person’s ego, and you know how much people desperately yearn for a hug, a kind word, or for some proof that you care.

Don’t ignore your personal Dark Ages. Instead, let them mold into something better. Shine all the brighter knowing how dark it gets out there.

I’ll leave you with this final mental health awareness quote by none other than Winona Ryder herself – “You can’t pay enough money to cure that feeling of being broken and confused. It’s not like every day’s been great ever since. You have good days and bad days, and depression’s something that, y’know, is always with you.

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