Quantum Quote Accelerator

Theorizing that with enough knowledge about quotes and their authors they could talk to their heroes face to face, our team turned on the Quantum Quote Accelerator and… nothing happened. At least not at first. What they discovered, after weeks of thorough research, was that the machine had worked, except not in the way they thought it would.

Instead of bringing them to meet their favorite authors, the Quantum Quote Accelerator started tearing these famous people from their realities and bringing them together in the most uncanny ways. Then, after having a meaningful one-on-one conversation, the authors are sent back to their timelines with no memories of what just occurred.

So, we made it our job to share these incredible rendezvous with the world. In this section, you will be able to find hypothetical conversations between the most influential people in history. And to make it even better, the Accelerator also places them at a random time and setting, all while making it seem natural to the abductees.

Whether it’s Socrates debating the topic of freedom with Leonardo da Vinci in a movie theater or Beyonce sharing love tips with the Marquise de Sade, nothing is too outrageous for the Quantum Quote Accelerator to make happen.

When Leo Met Leo – Da Vinci and DiCaprio Talk Climate Change

It’s a regular day in 1969 Manhattan. The sun is out, although barely visible from the driver seat of your average New York taxi cab. A cabbie, dressed in a short-sleeved multi-colored shirt, is driving around searching for clients. As he approaches a busy intersection, a white light envelops the man for a few seconds. […]

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Kim Kardashian Almost Got A Job As A Writer. See What Happened! #Awkward

It’s 1930, the old Hollywood scene. Mae West, the American actress, singer and sex symbol wants so bad to write and publish her autobiography. On a hot summer day, laying by the pool with a colorful tasty cocktail in her hand, bathing in the sun, she thinks how to get things started with her story. […]

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Paris Hilton Makes a Friend at the London Zoo

While in town for London fashion week, Paris decides to hang out at one of her favorite places to visit when she’s feeling lonely: the famous London Zoo. The endangered Sumatran Tiger is her favorite display because Orange is the New Black is super-popular nowadays and this tiger is both orange AND black. How awesome […]

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Stephen King’s and Bram Stoker’s Night In

It’s a dark, rainy night in a small New England village. Fog can be seen wafting towards the hamlet over the top of Blighthaven Hill. The year is 1911, and in a few weeks, the first snowflakes will start blanketing the tiny burg. However, the people have been feeling the effects of the cold for […]

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At the World Fantasy Con with Terry Pratchett, Jules Verne and J. R. R. Tolkien

  The sun was rising lazily over the horizon. A bright light flashed and a sudden gust of wind swept through the trees. It was much too early for anyone to have noticed it, being a Saturday and all. Most people were still dreaming peacefully. Today was the first day of the World Fantasy Convention. […]

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Breakfast at Freddy’s with Plato and Mark Twain

It was an unusually warm spring morning in Pennsylvania, sometime in the 1950s. A glowing flash was peering through the trees as if someone was toying with the light switch. Something strange has just occurred without anyone noticing a thing. Business was going on as expected at Freddy’s Diner, the only joint within earshot of […]

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When Bruce Met Kanye – The Story of the Wise and the Divine

Edo Period, Japan. On the verge of both spring and a clear sunset, the fields start to breathe life, basking in the warm glow of late sunshine. The wind blows as if caressing every flower bud that quite rapidly makes its way out of the ground, encouraging them to dance gently while basking in the […]

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Life on Mars with Louis C. K. and the Buddha

The year is 2318. Humanity has been united under a single banner for the past two centuries. Hunger has been eradicated, wars are a thing of the past, cheese is now good for your health, and breadsticks literally grow on trees. Artificial trees, but still. Most people agree that this is the highest quality of […]

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When Eminem met Paulo Coelho in Venice, on Valentine’s Day

It’s 14th of February, the famous day when we celebrate love. Really late in Venice, after midnight. Eminem just finished a concert held in the San Marino Plaza, thanks to Valentine’s day and he’s free to go out for a drink or two. Wandering the streets, he finds an old bar with dim lights called […]

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George Carlin and Martin Luther King, Jr. Talk about Humanity and God

The typical fog is joined by vapor from thousands of mouths breathing as one. It’s one of the first Chinese New Year Celebrations to take place in the San Francisco Chinatown, and you can easily tell. There are a couple of dragons being carried around, and people seem to be getting into the spirit of […]

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Ellen DeGeneres tries to befriend Friedrich Nietzsche, or The inadvertent chitchat that spiraled into an uplifting thought exchange

Suddenly finding themselves in the same room, courtesy of the Quantum Quote Accelerator, Ellen and Friedrich share some thoughts that quickly turn into an inspirational conversation about confidence and the reason we exist. In case you are someone who struggles with self-confidence, you might just find some inspiration in the following words uttered by Ellen DeGeneres […]

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