History Teaches Us

In this section, The Quotes team will talk about current events in a historical context. George Santayana said that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” In that case, we say, let’s remember the past!

Despite having made tremendous progress as a society, experiencing exponential growth, both of a technological and interpersonal nature, we still have a lot to learn from those who lived before us. So, our goal for these articles is to correlate popular topics to similar events in the past and showcase how they got solved.

Of course, we’ll use plenty of quotes related to the subjects at hand, particularly if the most brilliant minds in history have issued opinions on them. We hope that this section will provide valuable information about handling current crises and situations, or, in the worst-case scenario, at least some fun pieces of trivia.

History Teaches Us: Things We Do For Entertainment

When first members of mankind found themselves not running for their lives for more than a couple of hours, our biggest enemy managed to creep in – boredom. Since then, entertainment has come a long way. But before it became an industry with the help of radio and television, entertainment would be whatever we could […]

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History Teaches Us: Never Forget Memorial Day

People have been decorating fallen soldiers’ graves for ages. It’s a symbol of respect, love, and appreciation for their sacrifice. However, it was only after the American Civil War that we came up with a name and date for the celebration. Initially dubbed Decoration Day, the holiday was meant to honor those fallen heroes which […]

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History Teaches Us: Space Flight Takes Sacrifice

Needing constant repairs and improvements since its first piece was launched into space some two decades ago, the ISS is truly a wonder of our time. The fully habitable chunk of metal in orbit around the planet houses astronauts from different countries around the world. And we are going to use the fact that the […]

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History Teaches Us: Human Migration in North America

About a week ago, a study on North American anthropology was published. It got quite a bit of backlash, claiming that early versions of humans made their way to the continent more than 115,000 years before the general consensus. The study has yet to be confirmed by other scientists but previous such discoveries show that […]

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History Teaches Us: Common Sense Prevents Nuclear Wars

In the light of the current tensions with North Korea, we decided to talk a bit about the eventuality of a nuclear war breaking out. This isn’t, by far, the first time the Doomsday Clock was so close to midnight but we could certainly fair better. Anyway, seeing as this article’s point is to learn […]

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