Furry Friends: Bring A Pet Home – Pros and Cons

Today, we’ll talk about human’s best friends – pets. Our furry friends know best when it comes to unconditional love, long loyal friendship.

A pet is a companion animal that someone has to keep company, protection, and love. Why are they so popular? Because they offer their loyalty and their friendship, they are cute and they have playful personalities. Which is exactly what we look for when we think about adopting an animal.

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms,” says this quote from George Eliot about pets being best friends. I totally agree! They don’t judge, they don’t whine, they just love you and expects love back,

The most popular pets are definitely dogs and cats. But people also have rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, turtles, fish and the list goes on. You’d be surprised!


 Good boy!


Some people believe that bringing home a pet is not right because that way they’re not free, they’re not out in the wild, where they should be. Well, it depends on the animal and on the owner’s choices.

Next, I will show you both sides today, even if I’m all in for having a pet. Let’s see the advantages and the disadvantages of owning a pet.




I’ll start with the good ones: it’s known that pets can be our best friends. They give back unconditional love and the bond we can have with them is unbreakable and irreplaceable.


They can improve not only your mood but your life – a pet can be a great way to boost your temperament daily. It has been demonstrated that people who are suffering from different diseases are less like to get depressed with a pet around. You’ll experience increased levels of joy because they can calm us down and they can play with our emotions like no one else can. Also, they can help us gain more patience. Trying to train or teach our pets different tricks can be a way to experiment with your way of understanding, self-control, endurance, and perseverance.


 So fluffy and adorable!


Say Goodbye to Loneliness – A pet can be a great friend – not only just dogs, but any type of animal represents a big source of love and friendship. They keep the energy going around the house, they bring joy with their playful attitudes. Kids and elder people find a great companion in pets – kids who grow up with them are less selfish and less self-centered while old people can feel attached to a pet and feel less lonely.

A pet will always be there for you, they feel when you are sad, you can talk to them loudly, they listen to while you pour your heart out and best one – all your secrets and problems are safe with them. They won’t give you advice back, but they will offer you, unconditional love. They will empathize with you, no matter what kind of a day you’re having. And let’s face it – holding something fluffy like a puppy, a cat or a bunny and cuddling with it will make you feel better when you’re having one bad day.


No more stress – experts say that spending time with a pet can help decrease the level of daily stress. They also help with anxiety problems. Studies show that people who own a pet and get to spend time with them are bound to live a longer life than people who don’t have pets.

Let’s see this – a person who is sad or experiencing stress disorders is passing time with his cat or his dog at home, after a long day. Those moments when they play with each other are the moments when they both enjoy and the stress, and the problems and the bad things are thrown away for a while, giving space to moments of relaxation, joy, and comfort.


 Stress? What is stress? This is so cute!


Pets help us stay fit and healthy – they always say we have to get up and get some walking or some exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.  Having a pet at home is just an excellent solution. You are bound to be up all the time. If you have a dog, you need to get up and walk your dog in the morning and in the evening. It supplies both the animal and the human with exercise, fresh air, and social interactions. That’s why they’re the best option.

But with a cat, or a rabbit, or a hamster, you have to play around with them daily, you have to feed them fresh food. So you become more active. It’s more like a routine.

Hence, a healthier life! Pets contribute to our physical and emotional benefits.


The best medicine ever – pets are great companions to elderly people who don’t have enough social communication with other people or who are suffering from diseases like I mentioned early.

Doctors recommend owning an animal, they recognized, medically speaking,  as therapy animals, especially dogs and cats. They train and raise these animals differently so that they can be of help with physical, social, emotional issues.


Your house becomes home for a pet – this is the best advantage ever.

Because you can adopt an animal that’s been abandoned and you are giving it a home to live. Plus, there is more room for other abandoned animals in an overcrowded shelter. It’s a win-win.

Another plus, by adopting an animal from a shelter will make it feel joy, you’re offering it a home and attention.

 Hang in there, buddy!


“The more we come in contact with animals and observe their behavior, the more we love them” once said the great Immanuel Kant. And I totally agree.

Once you own a pet you feel the love they have for us, you see how happy they feel when they see you getting back after a long day at work, they feel grateful when you feed them and they worship you like no one else. To a pet, you are a whole world.




Now that we’ve seen how awesome it is to own a pet, let’s try and see why it’s not that great when you think deep about this idea:


It’s a big responsibility. Just like a little child, a pet will rely on you for absolutely everything – food, walks, sleeping, entertainment.

So sign up for this only if you think you can do it. If you’re a busy person, don’t go for animals like cat, dogs, rabbi or any other big pet. Try with hamsters, guinea pigs, fish or any other furry friend that won’t need too much of your time.


Keeping animals as pets can be harmful to their well-being and health if you do not fulfill certain needs or conditions. You need to buy a big cage for parrots with a mirror, so it won’t feel lonely. A hamster needs a cage with a wheel and toys. While for a dog is essential to go outside and run or walk as much as he can in a day. Especially if you’re not living in a house with a backyard.

Withholding it from this, it can put the animal in danger.And make sure it’s a safe environment not only for your pet but for the entire family. An animal can cause allergies and can leave a lot of hair behind. That’s no fun at all. So keep that in mind.


Another super important problem is feeding it with inappropriate things. This can actually produce clinical effects and lead to worse results. Animals also have a proper diet. We need to stick to those rules if we want our furry friends to stay longer with us. And they need to hydrate too, so they need fresh water all the time. Bear in mind that they get sick too and only a vet can know what is wrong. Make sure you can afford that.

Bear in mind that they get sick too and only a vet can know what is wrong. Make sure you can afford that.


 Dinner time!


Loneliness and not enough affection and attention are a matter of subject that should really concern one who wants to own a pet. Leaving it alone for too long can lead to depression, sadness. The animal will feel like you’re not loving it and it’s not getting enough attention and affection.

So, I recommend staying more home if you own a pet. They proved that you can lose a pet from staying too much alone at home.


Different schedule – you need to make time to clean after then, especially if we’re talking about cats, fish (they depend on clean and fresh aquariums) or hamsters, rabbits, mice. Speaking of time, remember that you will be following another schedule – their schedule.

Cats are famous for their nocturnal program, they like to find their ways on top of you while you’re sleeping. Birds, parrots and other exotic animals are more likely to make noises after midnight. So, brace yourself with love and patience.




“Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love” said Fyodor Dostoevsky.


Animals make our lives better, I think we can all agree. But, before considering to adopt or get a pet, think twice. If you can give them more than just love then do it. Give them your time, money and attention. And you won’t regret it!


Images sources – giphy.com