All Our Dreams Can Come True, If We Have the Courage to Pursue Them

This will be a blog post for myself. I am sorry, but I need this. The title is an inspirational quote from Walt Disney that reminded me to just go for it, dare to give up everything and follow my heart. With the help of pursuing your dreams quotes, I hope to remind myself about the importance of following my dreams. I really don’t have anything to lose. Maybe a friend or two for a while but they will understand and will forgive me for sure. Or my parents will be disappointed, but they love me enough to realise what is important for me. Perhaps I will lose a couple of years of my life without any professional experience that will create a huge gap in my so-called career. Maybe I will have less money or even none in some days.

So what? As long as I see the world. As long as I am making my dream come true. Maybe I will find a great career opportunity on the way or I will discover my hidden so looked for talent that I never knew about.

Many quotes on dreaming big are mentioning the importance of overcoming your fears for you will have so many more doors to open. In the next lines, I will try to reflect on how to fight these fears, how to discover what you like to do or what you want to do, and about why you should follow your ideals. At least from my perspective and narrowed experience.


-A ticket for Dreamland, please!

-Sold out, sorry!


Everyone around me seems to have found their passion, their talent, their dream, that thing that they are good at and it also makes them happy. How is this possible? What have I missed on the way? Was it that class I skipped in high school where the secrets of life were revealed? Or maybe I should have read that book that I always avoided. Darn, I don’t know, but I used to feel worthless without a dream of my own, without a purpose or a greater plan for my life.


Yeah, kid! We’ve all been there.


The society we live in is somehow pressuring you to be prepared for the future, to find your way into the world and follow that path. But what if I felt uncomfortable with everything I’ve tried? All the jobs seemed unsuitable for me, honestly, and the university I graduated gave just a few very hard to achieve possibilities that for some reason I didn’t take.

So what now? All the pursue your dream quotes are useless if you don’t really have a dream, right? Abdul Kalam said that “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” Sounds funny, because it’s just logic, you cannot get something that doesn’t exist, arrive at a place that isn’t there.

What I did when I realised I am the only one I knew without any specific talent and perspective for future? I embraced myself as I was. Just like that. I accepted myself and I just travelled anywhere I could. Travelling was like an escape getaway from all the imaginary critics I thought I was hearing from others and myself. Many were saying I am running away from reality and from becoming an adult, but in fact, I was running towards my own reality every time I was embarking on a new destination.



So, in case you might not really have a certain thing you are attracted to, don’t despair, just relax and try to unblock your mind from all the pressure, estrange yourself from all the thoughts you have. And you’ll see that once you clear your mind, new ideas will come up. Listen to them and you might end up finding out something unexpected about yourself.


-I have to do this, and that, and another thing.

-What about your dreams?

-Ah..I forgot!


Because just a few lucky of us have intersected their dream with their job, the majority of the unfortunate have to work eight to nine hours a day to make a living. And we all know how you feel mentally and physically after nine hours of working something that doesn’t really fulfil you.

And so the days, the months, the years are passing by without you even trying to make the first step towards your dreams. Your mind goes numb and every time you think about that thing, some weird fear comes along mixed with lack of trust in yourself and a bit of laziness. So let’s talk gradually about every each one of the elements that are possibly holding you back:

–  Laziness or procrastination, as many are gently calling it, is taking over our free time with its long tentacles. Laziness also comes with excuses such as “I’ve worked all week”, “I think I have a headache”, “I wanted to see this movie for such a long time”, “My closet is such a mess”, “Today I’ll cook that secret recipe of mum”. You see, laziness doesn’t necessarily mean the ignorance regarding everything, the desire of just wasting time. No, no! In our case laziness is the threshold between our comfort zone and the courage to start something meaningful. The great quote of Seth Godin stands with my idea: “The only thing worse than starting something and failing…is not starting something.”


Isn’t it enough?


–  Lack of trust in yourself is a shadow that will probably follow for the rest of your life regardless of the position of the sun. You either choose to follow its moves or control it and make it move after you. Yes, there thousands of people better than you in whatever field you want to work. But your idea might be brilliant. Give yourself a chance because “as soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live”, said Goethe.


I think it’s both.


–  Fear of failure! This dark huge monster that every time you try to kill it, it duplicates. What can you do with it? Ignore it? Live with it? I honestly have no correct answer. What I do is that I convince myself that I can achieve what I want! Someway somehow the fears diminish. Debasish Mridha has a great quote on how to make dreams come true: “Dreams come true if you can pursue them by overcoming the fear of failure.”

Get these three monsters out of your system, go to a rehab retreat for fear, laziness, and lack of trust. It will feel awful, like a drug withdrawal period. But afterwards, you’ll see life like never before.  


– How do you do?

– Making my dreams come true! You?


Once you’ve passed the process of struggles with oneself, once you’ve truly revealed yourself into the reflection of your own soul, it is time to get the bull by the horns. Keep motivating your ideals and imagine yourself succeeding! Smile at what is expecting you and start your first step towards your personal triumph. You deserve it!

The following words of John Wooden reflect very good the power and strength you need to have to keep going no matter how many obstacles you will encounter: “Don’t give up on your dreams or your dreams will give up on you.”


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