A Safe Travel or An Unexpected Adventure?

The many famous quotes on travel and tourism are inspiring everyone to pack their bags and just get into the next flight to whatever destination. How wonderful would that be if possible? To just leave for an undetermined time towards a place you’ve always dreamt of? To have a light bag and a heart filled with energy and curiosity? It would be extraordinary to have this kind of unexpected adventure in your life. To decide to take the journey of your life without a clear plan and just to go with the flow and with the vibe! Oh, man what an adventure you would live, I am sure of it! But this kind of flexibility might be a bit stressful for some people and many prefer to plan everything for more comfort. Make a health insurance, know all the public transportation schedules, and already exchange money in the country’s currency. These will definitely assure you a safe travel.

There are so many to talk about travelling and there isn’t a right or wrong way to do it. In this article I’ll try to share some of my travelling experiences and what travelling really means for me and for my parents. Saint Augustine said that “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” and he couldn’t be more right. Every place you visit, every trip you take will open your eyes even more and you will be closer to the full comprehension of the world.

And if your phone’s battery dies…

Travelling is revelatory and awakening because all your senses are aroused and revived by the unpredictable road that is ahead of you. While travelling not only you will discover the immense diversity of the humankind and of nature, but you may discover yourself. David Mitchell said that if you “travel far enough, you meet yourself.” because while travelling you try new experiences, you put yourself in new situations and contexts, and you react differently to new adventures.

Is there any difference between a tourist and a traveller?

The famous quotes on travel and tourism are encouraging you to travel away once in awhile, to go to Paris because as Audrey Hepburn said “Paris is always a good idea.”, to go relax on a white sand beach under an umbrella with a fruit cocktail on your right and the last Cosmopolitan on your left, to make the best of your holidays! Booking a five-star hotel and eating only with room service, taking some selfies with the most important sights and then spend the rest of your holidays on the shopping streets and malls. This can also be a great holiday if you have plenty of money to spend and no interest in anything other than your fluffy comfort zone unwilling to be broken.

Sometimes is indeed great to have everything planned in advance with a pre-established route and with tour guides already booked that will show you the most important sights of the city. It’s easy, it’s safe, and really takes a lot of stress out of the picture. Well, dear reader, if you enjoy all of the above, congrats, you are a tourist! For all the tourists out there, give great reviews on all hotels and restaurants, and send the best postcards back home with inspiring famous quotes on travel and tourism that will determine your friends to book their next holiday.

I can definitely relate to that also! But because after awhile I didn’t have enough resources to fund these kinds of holidays but I still had a great desire to travel, I started to look for cheaper alternatives. My first travels were in Italy while visiting relatives for the course of a couple of years during the summer holidays. I was saving money with the accommodation and with the meals. My only expenses on food were on my daily gelato and on a slice of delicious pizza once in awhile. Because I didn’t have a lot of funds, I preferred to go further away from the city centers by walking in order to find a great deal for my gelato or even discover new flavours. And let me tell you that I have discovered some amazing streets, truly hidden jewels of the cities and then I might have fully understand all the wonderful famous quotes on travel and tourism.

  •  What time is it?
  • Now, I fully identify myself with the words of Robert Louis Stevenson when he said that: “I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for the travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”. Now I travel anywhere I have the chance, I discovered some amazingly cheap ways to do it, and most importantly I say yes to any travel proposal. Being a traveller means to embrace a new culture and society with its bads and goods, to be open minded to any challenge, and to enjoy the unknown expecting to improvise and to go with the flow.

Don’t worry, be spontaneous!

Because I start travelling more often hitchhiking and using networks such as BlaBlaCar and Couchsurfing, my parents started to be extremely worried about me. Before a trip, they would call me to give me the boring and long “take care and be safe” speech. I was asking myself if they actually read praying for safe travel quotes?

 …because you never know when a spaceship might stop to give you a ride.

And back when all these happened, I never quite understood them. They were the ones that inspired me to travel in the first place. They travelled during their youth and they travelled with me and my sister when we were children. They have been in some amazing places and I grew up seeing their pictures floating in the Dead Sea or smiling on the top of a mountain. They were and still are true adventurers. But only after I grew up I realised that in most of their travels they were together or with friends, they were planning a bit every trip, and they were taking some time in advance before the journey itself. All these were safety measures.

As for me, I am spontaneous and I might be today home and tomorrow half away across the country. I am usually a lone traveller because I think travelling alone has way more benefits. You can take your own decisions on what to eat, where to go, how long to stay, to sleep, to visit. Alone you have the total freedom to just wander around without any destination without being hurried up by anyone. Because freedom is “the power to live as one wishes” as Marcus Tullius Cicero said. I understand my parents point of view. Indeed it’s dangerous to travel alone especially if you are a girl, go figure! But they never understood the fact that I have faith in the world! I trust people! Lao Tzu said that “he who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.” In order to establish this immense trust in the world, I always try to leave with a smile on my face, with a positive vibe, and with optimistic thoughts. How can I explain to my parents that regardless of any praying for safe travel quotes they wish me, I just have faith that everything is going to be OK?

They will always wish you to have a safe travel!

I surely cannot convince them that the power of thoughts is actually working and that you attract what you think. They are calling me imprudent and a dreamer that isn’t seeing the world clearly, a hippie that believes that peace is the solution and that if you do right you get right. They are telling me that this isn’t enough and that I should be more cautious when I am on the road, they are always asking me for my itinerary and the contacts of any host I crash at nights in case I didn’t write them “I am OK” message every other two days. But my parents, and recently also my friends stopped being surprised that I am leaving again, and their initial long speech with advices was in time replaced by wishing me a shortly have a safe travel quote!

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