6 Tips You Should Know for Having an Amazing Life

Have you ever thought how can you live the best version of your life? A life that goes beyond your wildest dreams where abundance and happiness become part of every breath you take and every move you make? A life that you discover described in many amazing quotes about life and happiness?

I bet you did imagine how someone’s life can be amazing after watching all kinds of TV shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians or Rich kids of Beverly Hills. But did you ever believe that type of life can be yours truly from your couch with some broken jumpy springs surrounded by empty pizza boxes and half finished potato chip bags?


From now on I decided not to be a couch potato anymore.


Of course you never really believe in it because first, well, you looked around and you realistically judged yourself for the mind absent ridiculously boring weekend you planned ahead. And second, because we were always taught that you either need a lot of money inherited from a forgotten aunt or you need connections to succeed because the world works only on nepotism and bequeathed funds.

Unconsciously, an idea that something is not right and that you have a huge gap in your soul is infiltrating in your mind following your guts every single second of your day, being undercover in the role of restlessness and anxiety. You can’t explain it because you are always distracted by the primary needs and by the daily self-indulge life of a meaningless job, mediocre Facebook news feeds, and shopping manufactured forged brand clothes for increasing your low esteem.

Well, that’s a hard reality that we all can identify with. But I didn’t decide to write this article to bring awareness over to lives of millions, but to have a shy endeavour of telling you how you can change all that. In the following lines, I’ll try to state a couple of ideas that I’ve learned in my years of early adulthood, from educational and motivational videos from TEDx, and by reading many amazing quotes about life and happiness.


  1. Believe that you can turn your life over


In the quest of living an amazing life, it is compulsory to want to achieve that state of happiness and careless stress-free mind. Believe that you deserve to live a prosperous and halcyon life. This is the first step and maybe the hardest you have to take.

Erasing all the shadowy thoughts and replacing them with hope and faith will fill your soul with emotions and thrills. Hellen Keller is strengthening this advice saying that “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

Also, remember that we can influence our entire being with thoughts and music. The experiment conducted by Dr Emoto proved that music and the general environment affected the way the crystals of water got frozen. And don’t forget that we are 60% water!


It must have been the tweets of the travelling birds.


        2. “Where the focus goes, the energy flows.” by Tony Robbins

When I was a student, I felt like I could move mountains, I could reach the stars or put here any syntagm that reflects the impossible. Somehow, whatever I decided to achieve, I was accomplishing. Now, when I think back I agnize that on every goal I set for myself I was focusing all my thoughts and my imagination! Did I want to get a scholarship abroad? I studied without complaining about all exams and projects. Did I want to make a field research for my MA? I wrote emails, made thousands of phone calls, and succeeded in getting that pass or that interview.

As Tony Robbins said, as much focus I put on an idea, I as much energy would come along the way. Make your priorities straight, be raw honest with yourself, and never forget the first step.


  1. Do whatever makes you happy

    As silly as it seems to others, do that thing that fills your heart with joy and brings you small rewards. Don’t mind the others opinions, as long as you do it with passion and pleasure. You never know where it can take you.

When you are doing something with passion, you start working hard for it and it can develop in something beautiful potentially changing your life.

In case you haven’t discovered that talent, that path, keep your head up and be positive! Smile and laugh every day! Read amazing quotes about life and happiness and keep yourself a high clean disposition.  


  1. Yes, I do!

Try to eliminate the word “no” from your vocabulary and everything that derives from it or has a pejorative connotation. Automatically, when using a negation is like denying some opportunities, it creates some borders that might make you less flexible. I am not recommending you to “Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards” as Tina Fey said. But try to replace the negativity with its opposing positivity. Instead of saying “Today it’s not going to rain.” you can reformulate by “Today it’s going to be sunny.” I think you got the string of it.

You will see that in a while you will be more cheerful and willing to take more risks and chances.


You go, girl!


  1. Eat, pray, love

Take care of your body, spirit, and mind because they are the vital trio for wellness. Try to eliminate some of the junk food and make some sports or just walk a bit more.

Let your soul open to love and acceptance. Distress your spirit by loving yourself and others truly. Build meaningful relationships with others and appreciate everyone that comes along in the chapters of your life. Dedicate to your friends’ quotes to tell how amazing they are.

Embrace all the thoughts and moods you have. Accept and understand them and convert them into energy and efficiency. Try to limit the stress because “The number one root of all illness, as we know, is stress.” Marianne Williamson is completely correct. Once you let yourself in the torment of stress you will tangle in details that don’t really matter.


  1. Work hard and learn from every experience

Whatever you do, do it with perseverance and hard work. Be curious and ask questions. Regardless of how irrelevant is an activity for you, you never know when you might learn something beneficial for your future.

Well, this isn’t a successful recipe of how to earn a huge amount of money over night, neither the secret of life. You know all these things! So why don’t you try and apply them? Maybe you’re thinking how can these recommendations make my life amazing. Well, step by step, with positivity, optimism, gratitude, and an open mind, you will realise that life isn’t all about possessions and great admiration from others. But it is about the little things that can be changed in yourself, that can make your life better, and even amazing.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are now a result of your past decisions. So the future is beholden entirely in your attitude from the present.

I’ll leave you with a great amazing quote about life and happiness that belongs to William James: “Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.”


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