25 Excellent Tips and Ideas For A Marvelous Summer!

Summer is here, finally!

And I know you don’t want to waste it on your couch, watching Netflix or TV all day long or whenever you’re not busy with work or other stuff. Finally, we can spend more time outdoor, from sunrise to sunset. We can enjoy more the fresh air and the warmth. To keep your summer season busy, you don’t need to do extreme or extravagant things to make it worth.

Brian Wilson, the American musician said: “Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun”. Oh yeah!

So let’s just find inspiration with these simple and great tips for a busy but so awesome summer.






25 Ideas That Will Keep You Busy This Summer


Whenever you’re bored, find something fun to do.

These goofball ideas create the most fun, memorable moments:


1 –  Concerts in the Park and local themed festivals -if you have a few places in your area that offer free outdoor concerts in the summer or they throw some specific short festivals with food and drink, don’t even think twice. Attend one and you won’t regret!




2 – Cook more and learn new recipes – it’s summer, you can always get some simple, fresh recipes. Maybe you can start drink smoothies more by making them at home.




3 – If you’re still in school, research Summer Jobs –  you will gain not only new friends but also an awesome experience you can add to your CV for later.


4 – Build a “perfect” sand castle – if you live nearby a beach or you’re going to the beach on your vacation, set this goal – build a sand castle. You’ll have so much fun while doing it and when you’ll see the final product, you will feel so proud.




5 – Play with soap bubbles and take pics – when was the last time you actually played with those soap bubbles? Find a local store, buy a machine, a gun or a toy that helps to create bubbles out of soap and go out and have fun. Feel like a kid. And make sure you take some pictures!




6 – Take a day trip by yourself.! Enjoy your own company! If you’re thinking about going on a little holiday to relax all by yourself (read my other post about traveling alone for more motivation!) it’s a great idea. Clear your head, hear your thoughts and enjoy yourself.


7 – Star Gaze – it’s something you can do during the summer season, so take on this opportunity and go gaze at the magnificent display of stars. Laying on a blanket under a starry sky isn’t just romantic, it is also very relaxing. Hot summer nights offer us the opportunity to do this.


8 – Go Camping – imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping. Relaxing! Spend ours outdoors with your family and friends. That’s what summer is about – to stay out more. Camping can refresh your mind and soul, even if it’s weekend short. Get away from the fast, crazy city life and unwind in the simple nature. You’re welcome.




9 – Be a Volunteer – if you have a little amount of free space you can always find an organization near you where you can serve as a volunteer and help out. You can always find a soup kitchen that needs help or some hospitals and facilities that need help. Or you can be a volunteer at those type of races that are donating to a cause you’re interested in.


10 – Add Nature Walk to your schedule – if you don’t live near a little forest or near a mountain area, you can always go for a park walk.  It’s a double pleasure – you’re getting great sports time, but also you’re surrounded by the beauty of nature. You can simply go for a walk, or you can actually go for a run. Both work. It will get your mind off problems and off stress.


11 – Leave your cell phone off for an entire day. I know, it sounds hard. Let’s think – what’s the worst that can happen? Try and stay away from social media. Spend time with your loved one, try and talk more, play fun games. But remember, no phones allowed!


12 – Be a tourist in your own town – let’s face this, your hometown is just an “old hat”. We see our surroundings with other eyes every single day. Maybe it’s time to change that. I’m sure there are a lot of other things that you didn’t see yet. Or maybe you should see them again with other eyes. Embark on a city tour bus, visit local museums.


13 – Rediscover your yard – If you’re one of those lucky ones to own a big or small yard, take advantage of it. Especially during the summer season. Install a pool, have some picnics with your family and friends, camp in your backyard. You can build a fire, roast some marshmallows, watch the stars, have a nice tell-a-scary-story night, enjoy your morning coffees there. Plenty of ideas!




14- Go to a Sporting Event – tennis, basketball, football, handball. You name it. There are many local teams that play during the summer. Just give it a try, once in a while. It can get costly, but the adrenaline and the feeling you experience on a court or on a stadium are just awesome.


15 – Water, more water – not only that you have to hydrate more during the summer, but it’s nice to swim in it. You have many options too – lakes, rivers, waterfalls, pool or beach. Learn a new swim move or try water sports, but be careful though, don’t injure yourself. Or you can just float there staring at the sun. You’ll get a tan and so much fun.


16 Start a Garden – or expand an existing one. Now, I’m talking about harvesting your own vegetables. Imagine how your first bite of your own labor would taste. If you’re not into it or don’t have time, you can always grow herbs and flowers. You don’t have to grow vegetables, you can grow herbs or flowers instead.



17  – You can experience something new – or you can learn something new – a new language, start cooking class, take piano lessons. Or just learn new interesting stuff, like the constellations, that way you’ll know where to gaze at night.


18 -Fireworks! I love them, you love them, we all love them! The booming sound with those colorful lights on a summer night, synchronizing with awesome music. Fascinating really! It makes you believe in fairy-tales.


19 – Soak up in the sun – by the pool or on the beach! That’s all! Enjoy the sun as much as you can!



20 – Catch the sunrise – it’s the best way to begin your day. You have to wake up early to catch it, but you have to see this natural show on the sky, at least ones. Grab a coffee or a beer, of your favorite beverage, bring your camera or your phone! Make great memories!


21 – Fly a Kite – when is the last time you did it? or did you ever do it? Flying a kite comes not only with thrills and joy but with a sense of freedom, emancipation, courage and timeless refreshing feeling. A simple thing that can help you release some of your mundane stress. Try it!




22 – Take some time and read more – maybe you have some books you want to catch up on. thus, just get it with you and read it while you’re at the pool, laying down and soaking up the sun. Or take a chance on that hammock, best place to read.


23 –  Take up a new job or internship – yeah, summer isn’t only about relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun, with no responsibilities. During these three months, you can try on a summer job, on a new job or on an awesome internship. It will boost your resume, you’ll get new experience, and make some money.


24 – Travel more – enjoy your free time, book a hotel room, buy those tickets or get your car ready and just go! It can be a spontaneous road trip for a short or long time. Or it can be a really well-planned classic road trip. Enjoy!


25 – Commit to laziness – it’s okay, we all love to procrastinate. Just give yourself some quality time to do absolutely nothing. Just lay down in your bed or on your sofa. If you have a hammock, just stay in it and do nothing. It’s worth!




I found these awesome images on Pixabay and Pexels.