20 Most Common Guilty Pleasures. Don’t Feel Bad… We’re all Wicked!

Guilty Pleasures – those awesome things that make you suffer and feel joy at the same time. Oh! And no one knows about them…Just you! That little ray of sunshine… They’re so much fun and so addictive, that it gives you goosebumps just thinking about it.

We all have (at least) one guilty pleasure and today we’re going to admit them all (almost!). Most of them happen behind closed doors, where no one can see, some of them happen in bright daylight, but still…no one knows about them.  It can be a weird fetish, eating a ton of junk food, watching-marathon shows on TV or online for days or shopping online for hours.

I know, each individual has its secrets, but on a general view, I’m trying to bring up those wicked pleasures anyone can have, both men and women.




I will honestly admit my guilty pleasures from the list down below. Researching and documenting for this post, I’ve learned that some people have really crazy fetishes. So, I’ve selected the 20 most random but common ones. Here we go:


1.Imaginary cooking show – I mean, we all pretend we are professional chefs cooking while we’re being filmed, talking about each ingredient we’re using and each step we’re making, we even give away secrets and speak about our favorite dishes. We’re in our little cooking fantasy world and we love it!



2.Assuming we have superpowers and we’re on a mission to save the world – We also have sidekicks, those would be our companion pets while our phones turn into the red line phone. And let’s not lie, we have our own superhero costume and name. #SavingTheDay



3. Checking on celebrities fan sites daily – You know when we get obsessed with someone who is famous and we need to know everything about him or her and you follow every social media account related? Yeah, been there, done that. There was a time when I was crazy about Twilight and I had to know all about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – like if they were eating, where they were drinking their coffees…crazy! Obsessed fan much?



4.Imagining celebrities as our fathers, mothers or much worse, we’re dating them! That’s the next level of fantasizing. I don’t know about you, but for me, after I watch a Fast and Furious movie, the streets turns into racing competitions and every driver out there is my enemy. And of course, I’m dating Vin Diesel in the movie and in real life. What?!

5.Finding creepy food combinations: for me, it’s eating normal sandwiches with barbecue chips. Tastes like heaven! And speaking of food, eating leftovers or junk food, especially if they’re someone else’s…So good! I’m not even mentioning chocolate, that’s next level.



6.Watching our favorite movies over and over: and knowing every line and every scene. We’ve never felt so good and so proud in our entire lives. And we’re just waiting in anticipation every scene…just like we’ve never seen it before. AH!



7. Fake-smoking straws or pencils or a fake cigarette-candy: having shots from bottle caps or tiny glasses acting like we are with the Italian Mafia. Oh yeah, thinking about that offer that he won’t be able to refuse. This works when we have an important announcement to make to our boyfriend or girlfriend. Drama Rama!



8. Singing while showering: I know, we sound amazing, especially when we’re hitting those high notes. The greatest acoustic in our houses and that echo effect. We could just audition for The Voice or The Idol right there! And we’d get only positive answers.



9.Getting on that weird side of Youtube or the Internet: somehow we end up watching animals having sex, watching funny creepy videos, scary and uncanny stuff, cute cat videos… I’m not gonna continue. We all do it and we like it! LOL.


10. Some of us enjoy popping pimples (not me): – Whoa! I mean, I know it probably gives you pleasure, but the one you’re popping them on…it’s apparently not so happy about it. Especially, if she or he is sleeping or not paying attention. Rude!



11. Watching reality shows: –  (even though we know EVERYTHING is staged) – we can’t stop watching it or we watched at least one time in our lives – The Bachelor, The Show with the Kardashians, Wedding Shows, the Jersey Shore Shows, all of them. There’s just something interesting that makes us watch.


12. Taking a gazillion selfies until we get the perfect one: (it’s a new modern guilty pleasure) – it’s all about the angle, the light, no double chins, and filters! Snap, snap! And we all know that famous chorus and we all chant it – But first, let me take a selfie! Admit it!



13. Dancing around the house when you are home alone: We all do it. We can’t wait for everyone to leave. The second they’re out the door, we play the music and there is no stopping until we feel like our heart is getting out of our chests. Yeah. It burns calories as well. Win-Win.



14. Live concert in your living room – it starts with a little karaoke and it ends with the greatest concerts you’ve ever done on your own…house! A simple remote control, a hairbrush or a spray bottle is all we need. And yes, we have an “imaginary” audience that adores us and that sings along with us, too. And I’m not talking about our neighbors. They didn’t get the invitation. #ByeFelicia



15. Winning the Oscars, doing a Thank You Speech and a red carpet interview – and you’re just so real about it – you do not forget about being nervous about your nominations while being interviewed, you are so emotional during your winning speech that you actually forget to thank everyone. Just for fun, but you’re so into it. This actually works when you get a job promotion or you pass the exam.



16. Creeping on social media: (another new modern one) – it’s the 21st Century, right? We check Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram… You name it. After a session of cyber stalking, you just know everything and anything about anyone. Especially when you need to dig information about someone. It’s right there!



17. Online shopping – Oh yeah, we don’t have time to actual shop these days. But that’s why we have online stores, with buying things with the click of a button, fast and convenient. We usually start innocently, browsing for sale items and gifts for special occasions, but we end with goods for the house, for our gardens, for summer, for winter… It was on sale and we needed it!


18. Playing games while we’re on the toilet – I know, yuck! But we all do it! Face it – that’s when you have most lives, that’s when you win most games, that’s the moment when you know everything, that’s when everything comes to place, even if we’re talking about a crossword puzzle or Sudoku, or building your defenses in Clash of Clans or smashing it on Candy Crush.



19. Stealing shampoo, soap and other samples from hotels – I mean, they’re so tiny. And they’re there for us…to do whatever we want with them. It’s like a travel souvenir to take home. Some people go further…they steal pillows and stuff. It’s called Kleptomania!



20. Buying flowers for ourselves – Yes, there are some girls and women out there that like to buy flowers for themselves. It’s a nice gesture, it makes them feel cool about it. Get over it!



Bonus Guilty Pleasure – Watching into other people’s phones, emails or conversations. Hover much? Yeah! And we act like we’re invisible when that person looks at us.


It doesn’t matter how old are we, it’s all part of who we are and it makes us happy. It may be one of those I’ve just listed above, it may be a creepier or freakier one that no one has no know about it, it may be an original shameful, embarrassing, outrageous deed, but we all have at least one guilty pleasure. It’s a little thing that makes a difference.

Images source – https://giphy.com/