Famous Author Quotes

At TheQuotes.com, we believe everybody is destined for greatness. It’s not a matter of becoming great, but just of remembering one’s innate greatness and getting in contact with it again. Despite that, the majority of us settle for a safe, comfortable ride on the train of life. Most of us turn a blind eye to their dreams, choke their potential off and join the rest of the herd on the carefully analyzed and structured path of the unremarkable.

In a world full of replicas, filled with “followers”, “likers” and “fans”, or simply individuals living in total ignorance to their true power, there are those who break the lines and stand out. There are those who don’t go for what they’re told and don’t stop at the first sign of comfort. People with vision, people who discovered and harnessed the blazing fire inside their hearts. They are the ones that we hear about in stories, they are the ones we read quotes from. They are: The Authors. Browse through our carefully picked selection of authors and enjoy their vast legacy of quotes!


Martin Luther King, Jr.


Coco Chanel

Fashion Designer

Gautama Buddha


J. K. Rowling


Ellen DeGeneres


Albert Einstein