About Us

Welcome to TheQuotes.com! We are a team of eight young, talented people who are passionate about our work. We hail from Romania, stereotypically known as the land of Dracula, but the only bloodsuckers we have are mosquitos, lawyers, and taxes, much like every other country.
We function like a well-oiled machine, with lots of elbow grease and coffee. Each of us has their own special set of skills which create synergy. We value our differences and use each talent to its full potential, with a desire to progress.
We are an open-minded, and friendly bunch, who want to have a close relationship with our users. So let us know how we can improve our work and offer you the best possible content.


TheQuotes team is working hard to provide you with much-needed motivation, inspiration, and wisdom. The written word has always been a method of imparting the knowledge of our ancestors through the ages. Thanks to them, we now have a vast collection of quotes about everything! Seriously everything, from food, funny, and fitness, to courage, truth, and dreams. Our mission is to breathe new life into the quotes of famous, or less so, authors in remembrance of their great wisdom, wit, and experiences, bringing them together into a wholesome, beautiful, and clean design for everyone to enjoy.

We have created this site to cater for nearly every taste and need. Whether you’re looking for a spark of creativity or motivational words, you can find it all here.
We strive for perfection, so everything we create will be meticulously done, with passion and boundless talent. We have written articles about every country, every topic, and every author found within these pages. We take pride in our work and try to do each one of them justice. Our mission would not be complete without you. Every great thing is only so because of its appreciation by others. So please, feel free to send us your feedback.


We know that you’ve already been impressed by the tidiness and harmony of our beloved TheQuotes.com. We also know that it appears to be magic-made, like a squad of fairies runs the place. Don’t let yourself be fooled, though, it didn’t come easy. Behind it, there’s a lot of work done by the ambitious team who brought you this awesome creation. To see it through, we worked relentlessly with great care and dedication, the same way in which we deem fit to handle everything. You see, this space isn’t just some random project we chose to mess around with, no. The closest thing to the truth will be to call it an extension of ourselves. Simply because we’ve each added a fragment of our hearts into the mix. We guess it comes from our vision, which is based on only one, sacred mission: a mission of love. “Gather the wisdom of the most prominent figures of the human race and spread it to the people” we heard our souls utter. We trust you understand, we had no option but to follow. So it was born, TheQuotes.com. It’s forged from love and in love it shall return.


What is a human action, without a strong, straight backbone to support its creation? Of course, we mean it in the metaphorical sense, as in the core values that each of us should have. Without them, we would be mere wanderers, walking instruments of chaos which, in no time, would slip into vile behavior and corruption. We’ve all seen it happen.

Here, at TheQuotes.com, we base our endeavors on a strong faith in the freedom of speech. This is what gave us the courage to step forth. We know that the contents of our website have the power to uplift any spirit and fuel any ambition because we felt it on our own skin and in our own experience. What we also know, though, is that freedom brings about responsibility. The power to discern what is useful and what’s not lies entirely with you, the seer. Our assumed duty is to be a benchmark for transparency, integrity and last but not least, to be trustworthy. We want you to think of TheQuotes.com as the home away from home. A space to call your own, where you can fully indulge in the wisdom of our fellow men, with no restrictions or conditions. We’ll ask no questions and we’ll set no boundaries, for this is our gift to you. Be sure to use it wisely.